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Green Day - Bang Bang, NME Best New Tracks

on August 19, 2016

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Best For Taking A Stand.  Green Day - Bang Bang.  The punk heroes return, triumphant, "I got a fever for violent behaviour / I'm sweatin' bullets like a modern Romeo."  Billie Joe Armstrong chants as he addresses the madness that's spreading in the US and the world - right now.

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on August 17, 2016

They’re the biggest punk band in the world. They’re a band who continue to change lives. AND THEY’RE BACK. This week, Kerrang! heads to Orange County to speak to Green Day as they unveil their brilliant new album, Revolution Radio! There’s interviews with Billie Joe Armstong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool, plus new pictures and a LOT of secrets revealed. Do. Not. Miss. It.

Get it now at KERRANG!: HERE

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Broken Guitars Merch Now Available

on August 16, 2016

Brand New Broken Guitars Merch (T-Shirts, Hats & Buttons) Now Available at

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Billie Joe Armstrong on Instagram

on August 01, 2016

dear friends! green day is putting out a new single called "BANG BANG" August 11. stay tuned for more details.. - Follow billiejoearmstrong (Instagram).

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CBS BAY AREA: Dog Stolen? Get Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong’s 434,000 Instagram Followers To Help

on January 13, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — When a thief stole a man’s dog Mochi along with a laptop and bicycles, the owner took to social media and recruited hundreds of people to help track her down, but none more connected than Green Day’s front man Billie Joe Armstrong.  Go HERE to see the full story.

“To me it’s a kidnapping, that was my child, and it was taken away from my house,” said David Baker.

It began with a few tweets and Instagrams, and paper fliers, and then an outpouring of support from skaters, who wrote, “Skateboarders can do anything, let’s help.” From there, Armstrong (who also lives in the