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on July 15, 2010

'American Idiot' Cast Brings Broadway Punk To 'Good Morning America'

Green Day fans and theater geeks flood Central Park for musical tribute.

NEW YORK — If someone came up to you and called you an American idiot, you wouldn't react too kindly. But for the people in the audience for Friday's "Good Morning America" Summer Concert, the insult became a chant of praise for the cast of Green Day's Broadway musical. Families and punk rockers alike had gathered in Central Park, holding up signs and wearing T-shirts for "American Idiot" and the band behind the

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on July 15, 2010

On being Broadway babies:

For the stage version of Am-erican Idiot, “there are people in the audience who would contemplate diving off the balcony into a mosh pit,” says Armstrong, 38.

On pleasing the parents:

Mike Dirnt's parents are “very supportive of what we do — but they've got their own lives, too,” says the bassist, 38. “I'll ask them to come out and see something, and it'll be, ‘I'm not getting on a plane!' ”

On starting a Rock Band:

The group just launched its own version of the popular video game.

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on July 15, 2010


Tickets available to the general public now. More info:

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on July 14, 2010

You are invited to join the Broadway cast of Green Day's American Idiot for a free, live concert on Good Morning America in New York's Central Park! The intimate performance will be at Central Park's Summerstage this Friday, July 16th. Enter on 72nd and 5th Ave at 6:00AM. The show will take place from 7am-9am EST.

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on July 13, 2010

Where can you find Soundgarden, Green Day, MGMT, Social Distortion, Phoenix, Mumford and Sons, and a TON of other bands August 6-8?
With you (hopefully) in Chicago’s own Grant Park for Lollapalooza 2010!

All the photo entries have been submitted of people meeting and greeting with a favorite band, no matter how famous or unknown. Now it's your turn to vote for the top entry and send someone to Lollapalooza! Vote daily on your favorite photo to send the winner to Lollapalooza.

Starting now, we will ask the visitors of to vote on their favorite.