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on April 20, 2010

Green Day's 'American Idiot' Musical Is 'Daring And Loud,' Cast Says
'I am just continually astonished by their artistry and the power and the beauty of these songs,' director Michael Mayer says.

Green Day's "American Idiot" musical made its official Broadway premiere at New York's St. James Theatre on Tuesday night. If the band being moved to tears by the production isn't motivation enough to make the trip to NYC to see the show, well, we figured we'd let the cast and crew tell you why you should check it out.

"As big a fan as someone is of Green Day, they might not even know how

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on April 19, 2010

Don't have tickets to the April 20 opening night of American Idiot, the new Broadway musical by Green Day? The festivities will be online.

The producers of the Michael Mayer-directed rock musical drawing from the Green Day album of the same name announced that starting at 5 PM April 20, visitors to will see exclusive coverage of the opening night.

Visitors can expect:

  • Exclusive videos and photos from the red carpet, opening night show and the after party.
  • Twitter updates from the cast and creative team

Starts today at 5pm at

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on April 19, 2010

(CNN) - The band Green Day has come a long way since their big break in 1994 with an album called, "Dookie."

September 11th changed their approach to music and they released back-to-back albums that defied their simple roots, with more rock opera than punk rock.

Now, those two records, "American Idiot" and "21st Century Breakdown," have become a Broadway musical. The show is also called "American Idiot" and it opens tonight after a month of previews.

Our John Roberts had a chance to talk with the band, the cast, and the director about how it all came together.

[Full interview at CNN]

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on April 19, 2010

Green Day Hope To 'Force Change' By Sponsoring Prom For Gay Teen

Lance Bass will also pitch in after a Mississippi high school barred Constance McMillen from her prom.

Constance McMillen, a student at Itawamba Agricultural High School in Fulton, Mississippi, made headlines earlier this year when she was barred from attending senior prom with her longtime girlfriend. When McMillen persisted, the school board announced it was canceling prom entirely.

McMillen — assisted by the American Civil Liberties Union — sued the school

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on April 19, 2010

American Idiot, the new American musical based on the Grammy Award-winning rock album by Green Day, and featuring direction by Tony Award winner Michael Mayer, opens April 20 at the St. James Theatre following previews from March 24.

A far cry from the sexual coming-of-age and teen-angst tale that was Spring Awakening, for which Mayer won the Tony Award for Best Direction, American Idiot — a narrative expansion of the album — is about a young man named Johnny (played by Spring Awakening's Tony-winning John Gallagher, Jr.), who journeys from the soulless suburbs in search of something