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Gibson Billie Joe Armstrong ES-137 Hollowbody Electric Guitar

on June 01, 2014

Slammin' tone and uncompromising attitude just like Billie Joe himself.

As the premiere punk rocker of his generation, Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong doesn't compromise on style, tone or attitude. The Billie Joe Armstrong ES-137 from Gibson Memphis rolls all three into a raging ball of badass, in a guitar that stems from surprising depths of tradition while packing the no-frills, sucker-punch power that punk demands.

This beautifully light and comfortable to play thinline semi-hollow sports the ES-175s classic lines, but thanks to a chambered mahogany core that enhances sustain and fights

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21 Reasons Why Green Day Is Still The Best

on May 24, 2014

Because these melodramatic fools, no doubt about it, are awesome.

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on May 22, 2014

Download 'Broadway Idiot' on demand at Vimeo: HERE