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on September 13, 2012

Green Day will perform on the season finale of America's Got Talent tonight on NBC at 8/7c. More info: HERE

Miss the performance? Watch it: HERE


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Bieber was a pre tape from last Monday. They showed the JB segment as a 'filler' of sorts to get the stage ready for Green Day. Notice the screaming teens for JB ... they were gone (thankfully!) for Green Day!

wallernc's picture

Can't believe they headlined all the guest acts! Justin Bieber BEFORE 'Green Day'! Thank God they did it that way! LONG LIVE GREEN DAY!

harry88788's picture

Theyre on now, playing Oh Love

EdAndTheGang's picture

They are going to play Nuclear Family, that is why it was released on Spotify.

NuclearTeen's picture

watching this...for green day, and green day ONLY.

RockerChick108's picture

so watching this tonight

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Tonights show starts at 8:00 EST

ilovegreenday1234's picture

what time does it start

IleneB's picture

Anyone know if this is a 'live' performance or one that is pre taped? I have tickets to the results show and due to time constraints don't think I can attend. But if Green Day is actually 'in the house'!!!

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Watchin AGT on Wednesday now.

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a che ora???

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Now this I wanna see!!!

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Pretty cool, wonder what song they wil do. Kill the dj for a family show prob won't fly well lol. I'm guessing oh love? Or debut of the stay the night?