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Leave Us Your Feedback!


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    Leave Us Your Feedback!
    May 05, 2011

    In an effort to give users a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on Green Day merchandise and anything in between, we’ve created this Feedback tab. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.


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on May 05, 2011

In an effort to give users a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on Green Day merchandise and anything in between, we’ve created this Feedback tab. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.



carmine torluccio's picture

quando venite in tour in italia?????

bele912's picture

Hey people!!!!!! I was just wondering why you aren't having a concert in either Windsor, ON or Detroit, MI??? You would probably get a lot of fans...or at least I would convince my family to go, I am probably one of your biggest fan's. I listen to your music everyday, and will be buying all three of your albums. Thank you so much! And please consider it! <3 Love you guys, you the best band EVER!!!!

throwaway1's picture

Hey guys - I just saw the video of what happened at the festival. Thank you, so much, for reminding me why I started listening to you guys wayyyy back, growing up in an oppressive, conservative, closed-minded town. Seeing that fight in you guys, that kernel of "fuck you", just made my day. It was shit what they did- but I will buy every single one of your 3 albums coming out - NOT torrent - and they will keep me going on my way to work as I keep fighting the man. You guys are fuckin' awesome. Keep rockin'

BrunaBlanco's picture

Come to Brazil, please!!!!!! BJ, I need u :)

Eu amo vocês, seus putos ♥

Autumngard's picture

Just saw the video of what happened at the show. You have the right to be pissed. Im sick of pussy ass music getting force feed to us. He was right to freak out. Usher is a piece of shit so is Justin Beber. Their "music" sucks, that is if we can even call it music. We are going to lose more and more real talent if we keep giving in to radio stations junk food Garbage. If the power went out and they didn't get to use their little voice enhancers, master mixing boards and perfect pro music generators what would they have left? some punk ass bitches in fancy running shoes! You know where I'll be? watching a real band making real music. I'm sorry if I come of a little strong but I feel that it was about time that some one snapped and said something. Good for Billie Joe!

ilovegreendaysomuch's picture

i love this so much.

JorgeCadenaUNO's picture

Returning to México?

asdfjlllhsdagkjasdfg's picture

Just want to let you guys know that your tour dates and locations are shitty, but I still will be going. I love you fuckers. ♥

guitaristSTL's picture

Hey, ive been a fan of greenday for as long as i can remember and you guys decide not to go to missouri or anywhere near it this tour i want you guys to come to stl please

DisappearingGirl's picture

Hey! Well, I want to say a lot of things but I'm going to tell the most importants C:
First: sorry for my bad english, I'm peruvian.
Second: I'll be so happy if you come to latinamerica (especially Peru) It'll be awesome (yes, as fuck!) for all peruvian idiots and me 'cause I've never been in a Green Day's concert (I couldn't go to 21st century breakdown's tour)
Third: well, surely you hear this a lot, but I'm a big fan! You're a great band!, really. I heard GD all my life but I knew that it was you at age of 13 (now I'm 16)
All my family're tired of me 'cause I can't stop talking about you xd but, my mom accepts that you're my favorite band and blablabla...
Fourth: surely, this is totally heard before, but I love your new trilogy (althought a lot of "fans" hate it) especially "Amy" (I just heard it at a live video and I love it!) and "Nuclear Family" and... many more :3
Fifth: I said that I was going to say a few things? hahaha. I talk a lot. Whatever, COME TO LATINAMERICA! We love you!
Rage and Love, Paola.

tyler_ignite's picture

Hello! So I would like to let you know that there has been an entire D.I.Y. community that has come together in hopes of achieving a common goal of getting a small local band from Binghamton, NY to open for Green Day. We have had hundreds of people come together in hopes of achieving this and it has been absolutely beautiful. People have been commenting on Facebook, using Twitter, and Instagram in hopes of getting the attention for this to possibly be considered. As a community, we do not know where to turn or who to reach out to so am writing this in hopes it will reach the right eyes. The band is Lila Ignite and at this point, not just the band, but this entire music community would just like to hear back from Green Day in any way shape or form. This is about more than just a band "trying to get big" or any negative motivations that could be accusations in this particular situation. However, I promise, everything I am writing and every connection and passion we share in this music community is 110% real and genuine. At this point, we all would just love to hear back at the convenience of whomever can help us out. This is not just about a small D.I.Y. band, but an entire community who has united in hopes of achieving this goal.

Thank you so much for your time and we really hope to hear back!


Chymana's picture

I tried to pre order the box but on the picture you see sold out, but he says that it's still available. But I had this yesterday too (without the sold out image) but you can pre-order it till the 21st of september, does someone know something about this?

dreamkid's picture

My friend and I are going to see you in January!!! Barely anyone comes up to Maine, and especially not big bands like you!!! I CAN'T WAIT AHHHHHHHHHHH

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waggy's picture

Why do you refuse to come to Western Canada? You come so close, Seattle is only a couple of hours away from Vancouver and you know we'd welcome you with open arms!
Please, please try to come to Western Canada, we want to see you be awesome too!

madelinewendy's picture

Hi guys! So i know this is way early, but, at your State College, PA show in January, it would be totally awesome if you could sing happy birthday to my best friend. She and I are coming to see you guys a few days after her birthday as a present to herself as well as my early birthday present. So I guess technically you would be singing to both of us, but mainly her. So my point is, it would be totally rad if you could sing for her at the January 11th show in State College PA. Thanks so much!

cameron's picture

In behalf of Grand Rapids Im a depressed to not see greenday coming here. You guys should book the intersection or the Van Andel. Detroit atleast. Just a suggestion.PLZ COME THO

t0m1k's picture

I think that you do not have old photos of the band

BJArmstrong17E's picture

Hello Green Day!
I wish you to come to Spain, either Madrid or Barcelona, because the "idiots" Spanish are waiting to hear you on live. For me it would be the concert of my life.
We wait here.

vegasamy's picture

Thank you for keeping your ticket prices reasonable. I was able to afford tickets and my son's first concert will be Green Day! See you in February!

Dany's picture

sorry for my English not speak very well :/

Dany's picture

oh yeah! at last! I want to say is that:
I beg you please come to mexico they are grateful all my life I have 11 years left me no contest to ganerme that under my parents because they say it is dangerous (and that bla bla xD ahh if it was ... well I Please come to mexico punk need if they came here and would leave a huge mark on my life: D

Brian Orta's picture

I like to know if Green Day will tour in Texas, I would to take my wife and son to see them. Please give me good news Thank You

bobbyj's picture

I don't know why you chose such a small venue to play in Seattle. I didn't have time to sit home all day to buy tickets the minute they went on sale, and since they are will call only we can't even get any on resale. I like the Paramount Theater but it seems like you just made it so 90% of the people who wanted to see your show now can't go. Please play a bigger venue next time, like you did on your last tour

trickster180's picture

sorry about Billie being in the hospital i was so shocked and stuff but i love you guys so much and I'm gonna see you guys in April I'm so excited! You guys are awesome and amazing!

momoffans's picture

Sept.14,2012-momoffans, I agree with bowks I understand wanting everyone to have chance at good seats but I am a mother of two who want to go,both are huge fans.I cant however stand in line all day and they arent old enough to go alone.Also you are only allowing 2 tickets per purchase. I dont have anyone to take my other daughter so I have to choose which one to take.Thats not right! Im sorry but my choice has to be niether.Please rethink for future concerts in Seattle,Wa. Thank you,Fans for now

elcova's picture

when are you coming to latino america,we miss you guys, its been a long time,please come to brazil,uruguay ,argentina,anywere,please come to any place in latino america

Drewking's picture

Any chance of coming to Belfast?

bowks's picture

I love the band and have wanted to you in concert for many years.

I was extremely excited to see that you would be playing in a small venue in Seattle this November.

I went to purchase tickets and they are all General Admission. I also went to buy tickets in 2009 to see you but they were GA as well. I understand that you want everyone to have equal chances to get a good seat. I also understand that it is part of the "punk" genre to have open seating etc.

As a major concert goer for several years I have seen hundreds of shows. I believe that GA seating is a completely unacceptable way of doing business. I don't have time to sit outside the venue all day and wait in line to get a good seat. Additionally your fans are not just in their 20s anymore and I am guessing they have jobs and other commitments making it hard to get their early and waste their day standing in line. So know I at two shows and counting that I have not attended due to General Admission seats.

I purchased the Idiot Club membership to be able to "pre" buy tickets. I feel ripped off that I purchased this membership that enabled me to by GA tix that I could have bought without the membership.

Please consider reserved seats fir future tours. I really want to see you live in concert.

One disappointed fan, Grant Bowker