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on September 18, 2012


Hear ¡Uno! before it hits stores next week!

If you live in the US, check out the advance listening party on the Facebook tab presented by Nokia Music and AT&T at
Live in rest of the world? Head over to


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please help me . i cant open it! :(

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the link "rest of the world" takes me to Green Day's website ._.

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Calumoe lo leí en la página unas dos horas antes que se estrenara ponía eso de que sólo los que tuvieran una IP española lo podrían oír pero creo que ya lo han arreglado

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The link for the rest of the world, directed me to a link of an italian newspaper.... O____O

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Green Day - Uno album's chords and lyrics

By songs:
Nuclear Family:
Stay The Night:
Carpe Diem:
Let Yourself Go:
Kill the DJ:
Fell For You:
Loss of Control:
Angel Blue:
Sweet 16:
Rusty James:
Oh Love:

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i cant open it :( can someone help me ?

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All the music stores in New Zealand say they are releasing UNO on September 21st.

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I really like it! My favs are ... kinda every song on the album :D
Angel Blue rocks!

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my iUNO! only comes the 27th :/

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Obly two more days until its out in Australia. YES!

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for listen;,write green day and the album willbe there

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I've already listened all the songs on this album and ITS FUCKING AWESOME !!!!!

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The album's leaked anyway... I'm listening to it right now on my iPod. But gonna by the CD anyway, for the sake of supporting Green Day and to have the Booklet + a physical copy of it. Don't want my 39/Smoothed till Awesome as Fuck collection to be incomplete. btw: The german link is totally fine and working.

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I cant hear it :( :(

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Green Day wrote it in our language that its available!!! AWESOME!

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not work :(

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now the link to the worldwide stream is redirect to x_X

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Andypearce donde viste eso ?

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DeadDJ, Calumoe sorry to say this but I live in Spain and it said an hour ago that only Spanish IP´s would be able to listen to de album. Hope for all you guys out there that they will fix it for you

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Link not working :(

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hey I don't know why but the rest of the world's link is broken :/