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on September 18, 2012

"Oh Love" uncut version at HERE


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For the record, why do you guys hate on this video? It really isn't degrading to women. Greenday is a rock band, they have lived the rockstar life. I love the new video the girls in it are hot and greenday's members probably have had crazy nights with lots of girls, which sounds awesome. What the hell is everyone's problems, downtalking greenday. I was not expecting these albums and some songs are really cool. I think everyone needs to calm down. I love the girls, green day is cooler in my book for making this video. i wish i was in the video with all those girls. 

I also love that green day still represents on mtv. We need more great rock bands on mtv. I look forward to hearing and seeing more green day. I think the video is badass and epic at the same time. 

THIS VIDEO is not participating in the sexualization of women. I think it is portraying (probably pretty accurately) what some nights for this band are like. 

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An explicit version? Hmm I'm really curious now. What does that mean? Nudity? Sex? All of the above? Maybe I should just watch the damn thing already. But this also brings up a whole new issue-rock & roll is kinda sexist in general. I mean how many rocking female bands can you name? I am struggling to come up with five.

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I think my reaction is appropriate.
At the end of the day music videos are advertisements.They are promoting their new album and this song. They invested money in it, and there will be a return on that investment. Its a marketing ploy. If you think its okay to use women that way- to sell something .Go ahead. If you think there is no negative affect in society from videos and other form of media like this GO LOOK IT UP. There is. For the love of anything you hold dear, please look it up.
There is nothing wrong with sex. Nothing wrong with nudity. There is nothing shameful about the human form. Its a beautiful thing. But it must not be exploited. And I do see that happening in this video.
This sort of thing happens all the time. I just cant believe Green Day - a band I always regarded as feminist did this. Maybe they did it so I can not pay attention to how mediocre the song is.

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I think that everybody is really overreacting to this.

If you say the women are being used and it's trashy, you're being too sensitive. Like FA84 said, they aren't having sex or degrading them, there's no violence. Nudity isn't a bad thing. It's one thing that everybody has in common.

Beans - I understand your point about women being sexualized in the media. That's not what's happening here. It's fun and lighthearted and dare I say, a bit naughty, but there's no abuse, no violence, and no sex going on.

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I think they should have called this song: Oh sex... Oh sex...

Ok what i really think is that i would have never expected to see this kind of videos from green day, but maybe they just wanted to made one of this kind, just to made a video like this, not to offend anybody, but after years of "normal" videos, just to made one like this and nothing else!!! Just to make a change!!!

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I dont see how sex can have a negative effect..? Maybe if you start to call woman b****es and wh**es, but this is just very innocent compared to other music videos by other artists. But sex means different things for different cultures.

Anyway I liked the video and are very glad that Green Day now did a non political album in pure dookie style.

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this might get deleted but hey:

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@F484. Obviously you didnt read all of the comments, otherwise you would have gotten your answer for the question "whats wrong with playing with girls?" Go search "sexualization of women in the media". Search the effects of that. Watch a documentary about it. You'll have your answer. Its more objective than it is subjective in that the outcome of it is never one that is positive. But Maybe, you're right. Maybe I am taking it seriously. But when I see this, I fear for my sisters, my friends and the future of women. If if this rock band that has spent decades bring women UP, changed and now uses woman as props and as a promotion to SELL THEIR PRODUCT then what hope do I have for anyone else? I thought green day was against mass media. I see they gave in.

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If your getting upset over this music video then I feel sorry for you. Its not porn, its not abusing woman, its not violent. What are you upset about?

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and to those who say it's just rock'n'roll, its not, we do not love rock music because of what is in this video, and that in my opinion one of the most ignorant things you could possibly say to other fans that are upset about this.

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This is Rock n Roll kids, sex and booze is part of it. Whats wrong with guys playing with girls anyway? Now stop whining god dammit! XXX.

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We aren't hammering them and we definitely do not hate them, we wouldn't even be here sharing how we feel if we did, but we are just very upset, hurt and disappointed that this happened and at the fact that just as we were trying to get over it, the band decided it would be great to promote the video, that we already find distasteful enough, with a porn company.

As a lot of people have stated, we don't just love Green Day for the music, but for the people that they are and how much they have influenced our lives and helped us get through some of the hardest times in it. To me they are like the family I never had, and many of my personal beliefs come from them.

I know it's probably asking too much, but it would be very helpful if Green Day were to somehow show that they are sorry to the fans that were upset by the whole situation, I know some people weren't but the reality is that a lot of people were, even if it was just a small apology it would help.

We all know they are so much better than this, and the last thing they would say to us would be along the lines of "we do whatever we wan't, if you don't like it, too bad.

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Wow, have to say im a little disappointed by the video being hosted on playboy (low standards) but whatever. Man you guys are really hammering them! I mean i can understand your frustration with the depiction of women, but their a ROCK BAND. The whole sexual representation of women isn't new in rock, and I don't really think their showing women in an extremely, demeaning light here. The song itself is mainly about having fun at a late party and letting sexual desires take over you. The video, while not very good, depicts that. I certainly wouldn't hate them for this. But my opinion.

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green day is forever my favourite band but i have to say that im disappointed. the music video was ok because its not like the girls was all over them but playboy? raely? i just hope that the rest of uno will be less playboy and more green day.

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@ punx_rawk
Your critical comments have been deleted from the first release of the video? Nice to know. I'm glad other people agree. Thank you for speaking out about this.
If people think "oh this is just a video". They are NAIVE. The imagery of women today is one that is constantly sexuality in advertisements, tv shows, the real world, the work place, school ect. This video perpetuates that!! It keeps women DOWN. Objectifying women is the first step to domestic violence. The number one killer of women in the United States. Wake the eff up, people.

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What the hell happened? These people used to be my role models. They stood up for awesome things (like equality, peace and freedom), and said fuck you to fucked up things (like sexism, Bush and greedy politicians). I thought it couldn't get any worse when you posted the first video for Oh Love, but now?? You are willingly putting your name up there with one of the most sexism-fueling forces in our part of the world, a shabby porn magazine. On their website they are encouraging you to bring topless girls on tour. Do you realize what kind of a message that sends to young fans without a good self confidence to fall back on? At first I was enraged, but now I'm just sick to my stomach with disappointment. I guess my days of bragging about my favorite band to all who would listen are over. There is nothing left about you to brag about. I agree with all previous speakers about this video. I can't imagine how your wives, daughters, friends, moms and sisters feel about this, but I find it even harder to imagine how you people can do this to the women in your lives. Funny thing by the way, I read the comments for Oh love in the vid-section aweek or two ago, but for some reason I can't read them anymore. I posted one as well. They were all very critical. Coincidence? I think not. I haven't even seen any response to this on your website!! When your die-hard fans are nothing but critical, hurt and disappointed with you, you're doing something wrong. It's time to shape up Green Day, without us you are nothing.

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Yes, I get the concept and its relation to the song. But I've been a green day fan since I was 9. If I saw this video (the regular censored one) as a 9 year old girl I'd be confused about myself. I know that because I felt that way when I stumbled upon videos like this one with women being used like this. And now as a 22 year old woman I'm at a loss. Tre and Mike have daughters. And they all have wives. Come on. Would they want that for them? They've regressed. Lyrically, mentally, and emotionally. I don't feel anything listening to this song or a few other songs I've heard from iUno!

Side note: I know the title "she" come from a poem. Its good that there is no name in this song because is allows any person who relates to fill themselves in that song. Then "Last of the american girls" does the same thing as a song on its own but in the album as a whole we know the song is about Gloria. Such beautiful kick-ass songs about complex women.
I don't know. Like I said, I've been a die-hard fan of green day for almost 14 years. I love them. But I cant pretend to like what I have heard so far and especially this video. I'll listen to the rest of Uno when it comes out on the 25th with an open mind. Peace

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you are absolutely right and it's true that they aren't normally like that, the song is great but i wish too that it won't happen again ...
whatever green day is my favourite band

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I completely agree with every word, very well said.

It's sad to see them like this and I honestly hope it won't happen again, it really breaks my heart to see my hero's and biggest influences of all time doing something like this.. They really are so much better than this.

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Yes, normally they aren't like this, but still, you have to look at it from the meaning (or what I take to be the meaning) of the song. In the video they are obviously drunk, and its showing the amount of control you have over "love" when this happens, and they are stopping themselves from actually falling in love, that's why the women don't have names, or stories like in "She" or "Last of the American Girls". It is a bit disappointing but it has a reason for it.

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Honestly, I'm disappointed in Green Day. I always put them up on a pedestal in regards to their depiction of women. For romantic songs like "2000 Light Years Away" to "Last Night on Earth". For Songs that empathized with women like "She" and "Why Do You Want Him". Songs about revolutionary women with minds of their own like "Maria", "She's a Rebel", "Last of the American Girls" and "Westbound Sign" .Now I see this misogynistic video and it breaks my heart. These women are being used as props and demeaned. No story line. No names. They are just in the video to please the lusting eyes of whom ever watches this video. I know green day is not here to please me nor I them. But that's how I feel. I wonder if anyone feels the same?