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I heart radio!

I heart radio!
I heart radio!
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Posted by BillieJoeArmstrong
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Average: 4.9 (18 votes)


Key's picture

jjajaja you look so funny! :P

Pandora_Xavion's picture

I love you BJ !

Keeila09's picture

asdfasdfasdf Sos muy hermoso *w* ♥♥♥

Varmtrong21's picture

i didn't know he wore glasses

atia's picture

the only reason everyone paid attention to the negetive stuff that happened at iheart was becasue of the rehab two days later. people need to not make such a big deal over things. and stretch the truth. green day, forget about everything bad that happened at iheart. u are so much better then that stupidness. dont let anything get you down ever. be strong and healthy. u have changed my life and u continue to everyday. please get back on ur feet and tour soon. im stronger when u are strong. i know you can get better billie, please get better for all of us fans. you have done so much for us.

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ElizaMur's picture

ahaha=) Nice Pic =P

greendayfreak48's picture

awsome pic! i <3 radio rocked!!! i had to sit thro 5 hours of crap (excluding bon jovi) to hear you guys and it was soooo werth it <3333

mariadu's picture

This is like a generic "embarrassing uncle trying to be hip" picture. ;) Love you, Green day. xo

Diana Haushinka GD's picture

ahahaha I loved

Dany's picture

hahaha :D

Giulia Rocker's picture

ahahahh really funny ! funn! w greenday!!!

Occlos's picture

Fuck I heart....I had to endure the pain that was ushers crappy music in order to watch u guys....and then they cut you short on wife son and I have tickets for your show in Vegas in Feb.. Can't wait well show you true fans...go raiders!

Nan Goong Lee's picture

You're so cute in a comical~! =D

HaushinkaAsFuck's picture

You are my fav motherfucker on the universe MAN YOU FUCKING RULEEE !!!

GDB123's picture

best thing ive ever seen.
you are a legend !

RevolutionRock's picture

Haha! You, Sir, are a legend! Fair play to you for taking a stand!