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    September 25, 2012

    ¡Uno! is now available everywhere!  Get it NOW!

    If you live in the US, you can get  ¡Uno! digitally at Amazon for only 5 bucks this week! Get it HERE now!

    UK - you can get  ¡Uno! digitally for £4.99 HERE 
    France - you can get  ¡Uno! digitally €4.99 HERE 
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on September 25, 2012

¡Uno! is now available everywhere!  Get it NOW!

If you live in the US, you can get  ¡Uno! digitally at Amazon for only 5 bucks this week! Get it HERE now!

UK - you can get  ¡Uno! digitally for £4.99 HERE 
France - you can get  ¡Uno! digitally €4.99 HERE 


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I ordered two of these cd's through, but was unable to download the music from the cd to my laptop. Has anyone else had this issue with Uno? Amazon couldn't tell me why I was having this issue. I had bought other cd's in the order, and was able to download those just fine. If anyone could help me out, so I can reorder this cd I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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I have bought it: Very very very very very very good album!

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Classic Green Day!! What else can you ask for =D

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Tell me sth guys..... Does the starting beats of the song "Let urself go" remind u of the song "Maria" ?

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I want to kiss that mouth.

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Hey everyone let's vote for Green Day! Go to the link below :)

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I am 36 years old and a fan since Dookie! I have the album in five days! Uno is just awesome, great songs. Once again, they have created an ingenious Album! Thank you, thank you ....

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Finally recieved my uno! CD!!!!!! SO HAPPY!!!

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I'm so excited about getting this new album! Green Day is amazing :D

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This album is by far one of my favorites!!! Reminders me of the warning era. Get well soon BJA!

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Can't wait to see them tour this!

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I'm 45 and have been a GD fan since dookie,I love this new album, I think it's gonna be one of my favs. Get well BJ, us old fuckers need ya around.

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This is a WONDERFUL and BREATHTAKING album! Get well soon Billie, Mike and Tre, take good care of him :)!

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Songs I heard are great! I really wanted to have a copy of Uno. Tried to buy it on Amazon, unfortunately as I live in Czech I wasn't able to do so. So the only option for me was to get it by some other way, which is really sad. Anyway thanks guys for the album and I hope you'll play in Central Europe sometimes.

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Pay day on Thursday. Looking forward to purchasing, but as others have said, I'm currently concerned about a crucial member of Green Day. Understandably, this is a very serious and somewhat private matter, but all the same we're worried.

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ugh i got the email for it but i can't download it. I get a screen that says i need to enable the cookies on my computer and they already all are, i checked numerous times. soooo close to havingggg itttt. if anyone has a clue as to what is going on id love some feedback, i called ticketmaster customer service and they couldnt tell me anything.

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This album reminds of the Dookie era... Soothing i must say after such a long wait.....I was letting myself go....lost in the world of GD....
But please someone kill that fcking DJ.

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this album IS AMAZEBALLS LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH its seriously 1 of ur best! can we please get some news on billie you guys are the best and i havent ben able to think bout nything else since yesterday! FUCK IHEART RADIO IM BEHIND BILLIE 100%!!! Love u guys so much green day r my world! get well soon Billie Rage and Love xxx

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Seriously, I am happy that the album is out, but please stop advertising it for a minute or two and tell us how Billie Joe is doing okay? 'Cause I couldn't care less about anything else now. Tell us SOMETHING. Mike and Tré made a video when Billie went to the hospital in italy, and this now is far more serious.

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Billie, Mike, Tre & Jason et al, Uno is awesome! chill, relax, get plenty of rest, go for a run or walk on the beach, deep breathes, calm thoughts, eat properly, take your vitamins & say your prayers, hug & tell your kids you love them, take the dogs for a walk, take your spouses out to dinner, buy them flowers because Meagan & I have 8 tickets to see you motherfuckers in January in New England, ok?...big GD Fan!

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It sounds AMAZING!

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some songs Nimrod 2.0 YEAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

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I received an e-mail stating that I can download Uno! for free if I bought tickets to the concert. Can you explain where I would find the unique code so I can download the album. Thank you!

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Uno is awesome! Thank you guys!!

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Any Irish on here that have received their pre-order... Haven't gotten mine yet.

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Guys there is no more Yugoslavia its Serbia now. Please change this.

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i live in canada dose anyone know where i can buy it

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Holy Shit! It is sooo good! Nobody creates energy like Green Day! Best Wishes BJ!

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NOW UNO!, I love you Green Day