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    September 23, 2012

    Billie Joe is seeking treatment for substance abuse.  We would like everyone to know that our set was not cut short by Clear Channel and to apologize to those we offended at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas.  We regretfully must postpone some of our upcoming promotional appearances. 

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on September 23, 2012

Billie Joe is seeking treatment for substance abuse.  We would like everyone to know that our set was not cut short by Clear Channel and to apologize to those we offended at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas.  We regretfully must postpone some of our upcoming promotional appearances. 


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I feel bad for you guys because the crowd wasn't reall into it..Love Green band of all time

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Why appolagise for something you feel is right to you the respect you have gained over the years and all your followers love you guys for being you guys as raw and as real as you are i will always love you guys and i do agree with BJ you have been around years so why not give you extra time you guys are legends and will always be remembered right from dookie and before up to now with uno dos and tre

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i felt like something was wrong becuase billie couldnt sing on key and he was rambling on about random rock and roll statments that he has never brought up before, he was also skipping parts of songs like "the representative of california has the floor" in holiday and a few lines in american idiot oh love was the best sounding of the night, not the best song

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If it was substance abuse or was just the heat of the moment is something only Billie Joe, Green Day and his family know for sure and nobody has the right to judge. If you Billie Joe really need to go to rehab honey do it for yourself do it for your family and forget about all the concerts and all the world waiting for you, who really love you will wait for you an eternity. I have Lupus and testing for ovary cancer one or another will kill me and depend on tons of pills and opioids to control pain everyday, without them I wish I was dead, maybe I should be in rehab with you and you can sing me those songs I listen and I say "how can he understand my agony?" I have to tell you I have changed the name of Give me novocaine for Give me Fentanyl because that's what I need and who don't understand Lupus pain would say I'm an addict. Take your time, you are a human and you can't work like a machine even when you say you enjoy it. Come visit me and see what is to really depend on something you hate. You only depend on your family and friends and all the world who love you ... you don't need strange things, love is what you need and love is what we give you.

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Im a big rock fan,im 51 and been a big fan of iron maiden for 30 years,i heard you guys on kerrang about a year ago and was hooked.Only got to get a couple of your albums,then i will have the lot.Im siiting here listening to you playing 21 guns live my fav.You guys and maiden are the only bands iv heard or seen live,and iv seen a few over the years,that can play live and sound fucking great.Get well soon Billie Joe,we need you and so does your family and friends,and Mike and Tre.Keep rocking guys,your still young <3

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Billie you had reason to get upset, love you guys !

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Billie I will not believe anything until you hear your own voice, I hope you're fine I know you are very strong, I love you and want you to be happy I do not care what anyone fucking media I will support you always no matter whether right or wrong, I do not think I've abused substances at the time, until you see a statement on youtube of Mike, Tré and I will accept you as long as I do not believe, nor do I wanting to apologize to Gaystin Gayber, you'll always have my support.

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I hope for it soon better you will be! Get Well Soon...
" Moderata durant. "

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I support Billie in vocalizing his passion for his music; and his right to defend it when it (it being the very essence of your fucking musical being) comes under attack by a bunch of coporate major label 3 piece suit wearing morons who haven't a clue about punk rock, or what punk rock truly stands for or even is...even by it's most simple definition.. - freedeom, musical freedom...the right to play as sloppy as you long as it's good and it has passion... more love, more power... I hereby pledge to defend to the death the right to rock, and will thusly support any fellow musician like Billie with the same attitude, musical direction and outlook on the Corporate Radio Queers @ I Fart Radio...the question has been answered...Why did I cut off my radio after the end of the 90's?...Because crowds @ shows/gigs nowadays don't "get" the message, the lyrics, or the freedom of expression & interpretation of, save time instead to "plug" Justa Beaver t-shirts/coffee mugs/scented candles/lunchboxes/bathtowels & toiletpaper. They give out record contracts to teenage reality show celebrities now for fuck sake! Damnit! I've played shitty nightclubs & dives for years just to make gas & beer money, eating cold chef boyardee every day...Saw ya twice in Charlotte, NC..first time years ago @ Pop Disaster w/Blink when Mike set his P-bass on fire, then for the American Idiot tour... you have my love and respect brother...they didn't understand our old friend Kurt either, and he loved smashing guitars....- I would totally buy that broken TV yellow Gibson LP Jr. double cutway, missing soapbar P90 pickup and all...hahaha...just to keep it off ebay and out of some fucks "wannabe museum"... keep covering up those Marshall logos, rock the fuck on, and even though it is a social musical nightmare now, though it's a free for all, StiLL fuck 'em all... I'd rather be the minority any day dude...right on....
- signed,
a 20+ yr. local/semi-pro drummer & guitarist...

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Don't apologize American Idiot took on the world why stop at the music?

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What happened?? you guys were rocking the world again with REAL SONGS with REAL MEANING. Now it's just normal music, I didn't fall in love with you for that I fell in love because it wasn't normal or about popularity. I am 14 and will tell you that Green Day does have a following in my generation for American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown. I will still love you guys even though it's changed,Green Day saved me and no matter what I am told I will never stop your music taught me that so why don't YOU practice what you preach? Billie ,Mike Tre I hope you see this and truly believe why we; all of us who've commented are your fans. Get well soon Billie and keep telling them to FUCK IT!!!!!!!
Most indebted fan,
Ellie Anbar

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Billie , continue like that , do what u want to do, say what u want to say , but think about your fans too.... we can't live without u , your music, without your amazong voice .. We'll be always with u...Get well soon my stupid :P :)) ... We love u <3

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From Italy, Florence.
I'm sitting here, in my room, thinking about something to write to u, my favourite band.
My favourite band since I was really a little girl.
I don't agree with the behaviour that Billie Joe had at "iHeart" (even if he was SO RIGHT when he said "I'm not fuckin' Justin Bieber!").
I mean: what happened to the Green Day I felt in love with?
I've always followed u. ALWAYS.
I bought all your albums, even if I can download it from Vuze.
And it was not because I want u to have my money: it was because I REALLY LOVE your music.
I'm happy when I buy a new Green Day album. It's my little treasure.
I was in Bologna, to the iday festival, to see u.
And u didn't play. But it didn't matter: health is somethin' important, so if Billie Joe was sick...who care about the concert.
That day we enjoyed Angels and Airwaves, and Social Distortion, and we will have soon our ticket money back.
I saw u in 2009, in Bologna. I loved u, u were ABSOLUTELY great.
U have to understand, guys, that u r not singers, for us.

U r friends.

U r the background of my life. U were there when I first kissed a boy.
U were there my first day of university.
And u were there so many other times.
Your music is a part of my life.
(I had a big, big crush on Trè when I was a teenager :) )

Now I'm 27 and I want u 2 know that I love u like the first day I heard "Basket Case".
But u r changed. And to change is important...but not too much.
U r not Green Day anymore.
I will buy "Uno!" and the other records.
But they are not like the others...after "american idiot" (I loved it!!) u...u get worst.
"Oh love!" and the other new song...yes, they r nice, but they have not Green Day soul.

Billie Joe, u r such a great talent.
Please, remember that u guys are one of the most important band of the world, because u DESERVE it.
And people love u. Me first.

I don't believe in God. I've never done.
But I have my own spirituality.
So, I pray for Billie Joe, and for Mike, and for Trè.

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billy,tre, mike, i hope one of you gets this. you have such a critical moment in your careers right now, people still respect you, people still love the music. i'd like to think that Iheartradio was an attempt at bringing real music back into the mainstream... but you guys don't seem like yourselves anymore.

you are far too focused on what the next generation wants... the glamor... the parties... the booze... you're going at it all wrong. before you were angry kids, rebelling against the moral code. and now you guys are adults... you still have something to say, i can hear it. please, forget about the popularity. forget about the next fan base.

you guys are green day. the slacker, jobless pot smokers with a fuck you attitude. you guys were the voice of the 90's, you carried on rock music long after kurt cobain died... long after alice and chains frontman was found dead... you guys bought REAL music, and REAL emotion. you touched based on what you had in common with that generation.

i love you guys... i always have. and i will always wear the green day patch on my hoodie, because i know what you once were, and i know what you once stood for.

peace, love, empathy...

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Billie, I heard what happened and checked out the video. You were totally deserved more respect and time for your music. A totally lame event. I get it that you need to do promotional sh*t, but it looks like that venue didn't "get" Green Day." I loved your comments and reaction-totally honest and with integrity. WTF?? your anger and frustration were understandable. I'm so sorry you're struggling with some demons and I'm glad you're getting help. I've had similar issues...and it sucks to try and get well and still struggle. Hang tough, Billie. Your music speaks to my core. You've got lots of fans who love you. Stay tough dude, say F*ck Off to your demons and get better.

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Bille do what ever you think is right and say FUCK YOU to whoever gets in your way

kman.shah7's picture

dude, i respect u, and i think u were totally justified, just fyi

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Everybody from Peru supports you! You will go ahead with this situation for sure, we love you so much!

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Billie Joe - dude, get well soon. I need to see you on 11/26 in Seattle for your opener. Oh, and Usher and Bieber are a couple of tools. Fuck them and Clear Channel !!

Peter Taylor's picture

Love you Billie, get well soon, your amazing no matter what happens.

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Get well soon Billie, we love you!

yadneegr2012's picture

Billie, Mike, Tre & Jason et al, chill, relax, go for a run or walk on the beach, deep breathes, calm thoughts, hug & tell your kids you love them, take your spouses out to dinner, buy them flowers because Meagan & I have 8 tickets to see you motherfuckers in January in New England, ok?...big GD Fan!

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It's fitting that you lost it during Basket Case. "Do you have the time to listen to me whine???" I guess we did and boy did you whine. Good luck with this rehab BS and hopefully you fall off the wagon by the time you hit Connecticut because it will make for a better show when we go to see you and that's what we're paying for.Remember, rehab is for quitters and quitters are nothing but losers. Stay thirsty my friend.

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oh billie wat are u doing? get well soon... we'll love you forever! w green day!