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    September 26, 2012

    The iconic Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker goes grunge with artwork inspired by Green Day's latest album UNO. Check 'em out at Converse: HERE

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on September 26, 2012

The iconic Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker goes grunge with artwork inspired by Green Day's latest album UNO. Check 'em out at Converse: HERE


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LeafyDragonPill's picture

I want them so bad but I can't find them anywhere!!! Help plz?? :3

ukrockinmomma's picture

You can go to and they are pictured on the front page, for those of you who can't find them. 

XX_Feer_XX's picture

Where i can buy them??

PatrickOfSuburbia's picture

I could so rock me a pair of those ..

It's just a shame it's American sizes. I'm a British size 13, which is an American 14.

And they stop at 13 .. it's going to be a squeeze ..

CamiDariaDookieInsomniacKaplan's picture

There's not any fucking information about the fucking shoes ._.

NiceIdiotsFinishLast's picture

where did you buy them??? i go into the page and there aren't any green day converse :(

ilovegreenday1234's picture

I JUST GOT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ilovegreenday1234's picture

i might get them today or tomorrow!

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I just bought mine off Ebay. I live in Sweden so you can get them outside the US. But to a more expensive price :P

ilovegreenday1234's picture

whooo 2-3 days!!!!

laura0797's picture

How can i get them if I'm in Australia does anyone know?

Ana Green Armstrong Punk's picture

I LOVE IT <3333333

rose99's picture

yeaahh im going to have it!! XD

Leire's picture

If I was rich, I'd have a Converse collection! What an amazing model!

LauraNeves's picture

I N-E-E-D *-*

ilovegreenday1234's picture

oh snaps just ordered them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KrystalFay's picture

i want!!!

ilovegreenday1234's picture

omg i might order them today if my mom still says yes! :O

RockerChick4life's picture

I love it! I would so buy these :D

ketzjup's picture

I think it's possible to book it from the US.... STILL WANT THEM.

karenrashkash Extreme Green Day Fan's picture

Just ordered me a pair!!!

xx123_StayTheNight's picture

I love them. Why the hell do I live in Italy?! It's unfaaaair.

offie's picture

anyone know if ya can buy them outside of the US? ^^ would be epic to own a pair of those :D :D

karenrashkash Extreme Green Day Fan's picture

LOVE THEM. I LOVE WEARING MY GREEN DAY PRIDE. Gonna have to try and buy some!!

alexx_ItalianIdiot's picture

ooooooh love.. OOOOOOOH LOVE IT!

ketzjup's picture

Think of coming on a concert with that shoes... Damn, I want them.

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ilovegreenday1234's picture

omg i want those so bad!!!!