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    September 26, 2012

    Alanis Morissette performed "Basket Case" on Jimmy Kimmel last night. Watch it: HERE

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on September 26, 2012

Alanis Morissette performed "Basket Case" on Jimmy Kimmel last night. Watch it: HERE


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I truly like it. I ordinarily disdain blankets of Green Day tunes in light of the fact that I just like them when Billie Joe sings them, however I like this one. get facebook likes

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Eh... I'm indifferent. Part of me likes this version, but a stronger part of me just says no. Green Day isn't really meant to be played like this. With all due respect to Alanis. Please keep Green Day as it's supposed to be played. But it is appreciated what she did for Billie

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Okay, I have nothing against Alanis, but I think this cover was terrible. I've never been a big fan of hers, but I DO NOT hate her. But I do respect that she is standing up for Billie Joe.

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I really like Alanis's version. I can hear the meaning better in this slow version. Both Billy Joe's original cut and this are both great for different reasons. Nothing like a good stint through rehab to recharge up some new song-writing. Best wishes Billy Joel. I first saw you and Green Day at Woodstock II when you were first coming on the scene. All that mud. I was being chased because I hadn't rolled in the mud yet. They were calling me Aerosol Girl trying to get me dirty while Green Day thrashed on stage. I look forward to hearing what's coming out of this musically. Been through that stint myself. And it's a fabulous growth time. It's like fertilizing your life going through that. Best wishes.

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Crazy! Wow I didn't realize she was supporting him regarding the recent events. The song describes exactly what's happening with Billie Joe. Too bad there isn't Celebrity Rehab this season!

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beautiful tribute to billie!

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Sweet Alanis! And get well Billie Joe.

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I love play basket case thinking about you, Green Day ... I dream BIllie Joe call me on stage to play his gibson.... mine is only a dream ... but I love thinking about it <3

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I think the gesture is great and really generous, but I did not at all like the way she performed the song. However, respect for doing it!

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Love it! All kinds are coming out in support of greenday and Billy Joe!! People can be beautiful!

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I actually like it. I normally hate covers of Green Day songs because I only like them when Billie Joe sings them, but I like this one. I think it was cool of her to pay tribute to green Day since they were supposed to be on Jimmy Kimmel this week. And I love you too Billie Joe!!!

karenrashkash Extreme Green Day Fan's picture

I applaud her for doing Basket Case and representing Green Day on Jimmy Kimmel. Since "Billie Joe" needs to get help. I say it like that because I am more leaning towards maybe he needs some help, but MAYBE he was drunk because he had to play that stupid FN show where Green Day was sandwiched between Usher (vomit) and Rhianna (ditto). And Green Day got their time cut. UNACCEPTABLE. YOU GO BILLIE JOE!!

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I thought it was a great tribute. Really brought out the lyrics. Sure, it's totally different and odd not having it fast and hard-hitting, but it's still a great cover :)

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totally doesnt work

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I found it so weird that she sang the words sex and whore, it sounded strange. Actually, the entire song sounded strange, considering the only way I like to hear it is with Billie Joe singing.

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haha it didnt seem right when she said sex or whore. at end "I love you Billie Joe"

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man, that is a mistake, talkin about goin to a whore in a slow piano song, which can ONLY be a rock song, smh