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Leave Us Your Feedback!


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    Leave Us Your Feedback!
    May 05, 2011

    In an effort to give users a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on Green Day merchandise and anything in between, we’ve created this Feedback tab. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.


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on May 05, 2011

In an effort to give users a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on Green Day merchandise and anything in between, we’ve created this Feedback tab. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.



marksmom's picture

My 10 yr old son has a rare brain tumor called hypothalamic hamartoma and he is having major brain surgery on Dec. 14 at Texas Childrens Hospital. You are my sons FAVORITE BAND. Would you send him a note/postcard of encouragement? It would mean the world to him. If yes, I will gladly send our mailing address offline. Thanks!

Matej's picture

please concert EUROPE - SLOVAKIA - BRATISLAVA :) :) :)

genisplaja's picture

One question! ¿will you come to sing in Barcelona?

IheartBillieJoe's picture

please.. please.. please come to indianapolis or evansville... i love you guys so much and can't go to other shows.. i would love to see Green Day perform live, it's like my dream!!!!
love the new album, fav song is let yourself go and night life... amazing. you guys are incredible... love you guys so much... fav band ever.. <3<3<3<3<3

prettyfly1013's picture

any qualms about a female cover band? lol might try n make that happen soon :P

EOM's picture

I placed an order for all three albums, but has not received any. When will I receive my first album?

aidanc's picture

Hey! I saw on the "Music" tab that the album Kerplunk was released in 1991. i have a copy that says it was released in 1992 and recorded in 1991. is the one on the website wrong?

DannyDirnt's picture

Hi! I saw in your store that you have a really cool t-shirt in your US store that has ¡Uno! in pink, ¡Dos! in blue and ¡Tré! in yellow and then the Green Day logo in white. I wanted to buy that t-shirt, but it's not available in the UK/Europe store, so I can't buy it. Are you going to make it available for us too?

pinheadpunx's picture

I think it was a disgrace that Green Day decided that they would follow suit and put sluts on two of their videoclips so far. Like c'mon! Just because everyone else is doing it, it doesn't mean that you have to try and sell your music through sex! Your music is far better than the rest of the shit that is being released, so don't become one of them, a godamn sheep! I don't know about anyone else, but i much rather like to see the good ol' filmclips like they used to do, or the shitty ones that have been camcorded; they're so rad! So much better than half naked and topless skanks trotting around, even if the song is based on sex, i just think its pathetic. All i ask is that Green Day sees some sense and comes back to ground and starts releasing tasteful and awesome clips like they once did; not joining the crowd, but standing up and sticking out!!

jérôme32's picture

J'aime trop green day il sont trop bon et il torche trop!!

lynsey's picture

The lads have 20 free days between London gig and Moscow, fingers crossed for a visit to North of England. Please come closer while you're over here, you'd love it up north! Love Lynsey E South Shields x x x

RockerChick4life's picture

Still loving the new album! My two favorite songs are Let Yourself Go and Stay the Night :)

Vels7545's picture

GD must come to Holland on Pinkpop next year, only then my dad wil let me go to them, and its on my birthday, would you please make my birthday the best day of my life???

KarenArmstrong's picture

hi i'm from Costa Rica,i want that Green Day comes to my country...i dont care if they will come in the next year but please i want they could make my dream true...i wanna sing with BJA nad say him thanks for a lot of things...hope you put my country on the tour...and i have an idea...Gd should make a real account on tumblr to upload awesome pictures of concerts and old memories :)

OllyM97's picture

Is the Emirates Stadium gig going to be the only UK show in 2013? You guys have to come to Manchester again!!

Alex9900's picture

Hey guys! I'd love it if (don't know if you can do this) but make some shipments of their new chuck Norris converse over to the UK! I'd love a pair but way too expensive to send over :( take this into account please! Thank you!

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checkyourhair's picture

Hi there!
I just wanna ask you, again, to sell the Ultimate Box Set! I really wanna buy it and I bet that a lot of people wants it too!

And, oh... we brazilians can't wait to have another show around here!
Keep on rockin'! xo

Lara's picture


I don't know where to put my question so I write it down here.
I've ordered the Pre-Order Ultimate Box Set but I haven't received anything yet! Is it because I live in the Netherlands and that the box arrives later in other countries because of the long distance? Does anyone els have this problem too? I'm checking our mailbx every day but nothing is there... I'm getting desparate!!! We want to listen to Uno!!! And we want to read the 40 pages book!!! Because Green Day is just AWESOME!!!

rooster313's picture

Billie..maybe you have substance abuse problems, maybe not...I can tell one thing appears you're sick of the music business machine and I applaud you for making a stand. All I see in the headlines are words like "meltdown"...Bullshit..You and the band have busted ass for years and deserve of luck in the future and keep it rocking!

IleneB's picture

Got my January ticket for Brooklyn - can't wait!! Especially since I missed your performance in Newark at the America's Got Talent finale. Take time for yourself and get well, we're all pulling for you!

dreamwolf's picture

Get well soon Billie Joe, Get some rest with your family and Uno is fucking awesome ;)love you guys <3

kersi's picture

what can i say? I Love Green Day for so long time and i always will do!!
The new album is fantastic, i love it!! My heart will always beat for you guys!! To Billie Joe I wish you all the best!! get well! We all need you!! Keep on rocking!! I hope you came next year to Austria!! Love you guys!!!

Camzilla90's picture

So I am not going to lie, aside from a few shows here and there and the state fair Anchorage, AK gets pretty dead as far as music venues. I am originally from New England but currently in Alaska for school. My dad introduced me to your music when I was a lot younger and I have been hooked on your sound ever since but have yet to make it to one of your concerts. Please come to Anchorage and rock our socks off, we need it, I need it!!!

Tulika Saha's picture

After a long, long time I've actually found some music which I like to hear and enough to comment on it!

gismojs's picture

is it already 20 years ago when "basket case" was my favourite? Anyway: Thanks for songs that pull out of every shit live can bring for so many years.
If still in europa and in need for some "exit": Contact. Just a small barbecue with far too many beers and without any publicity: everytime.
Jochen (Germany)

Sk4r's picture

I would give anything in the world to see you preform in Croatia. Just on big PLEASE and regards from Croatia :)

sasuke121277's picture

Consert at Philipines !!!!!!!!!!! NOW or maybe next 2 months

habbababba's picture

9/26: Wow. Oh Love just blew me away. Totally fucking awesome. Congratulations!!

And regarding Billie Joe's improvised ending to Basketcase the other night-- I agree completely.

Update 9/29: Uno is an absolute masterpiece. I'm excited for the rest! Forgive the lost souls who refuse to recognize. Thanks for such a wonderful gift to the universe!!

Amandakiwi's picture

Get well soon Billie Joe! Hope you guys keep putting out REAL music for a long time to come, it's so much better than all of the "manufactured" shit. Love you guys, and the new CD is great!