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Getting on my feet

Getting on my feet
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Posted by bj_unoxx
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Getting on my feet, on Instagram
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Jesus of Suburbia's picture

i'll start fuckin running soon as my feet touch ground

Mx_forever's picture many feet do you have...? *scratchhead*

NaNi2013's picture

fuerza billie

unodostrexxx's picture

Hey Billie I hope you are okay after your so called melt down. To me that was not a melt down. I stand with you 100% People need to respect the people who have ruled the world for a long time. Even though most of them have been drug addicts or alcoholics. You guys still made a huge influence on music. Most of the people that i know do not like rock because of the history it has. Yes you all were rebels or "bad influences" but, you were still good influences.

annierock's picture

Best wishes Billie, we are waiting for you in Mexico City, I will be in the front line no matter what :) Love you with all my admiration :)


As we all know billie joe recently had a Melt down at radio one and this pulled a whole load of crap into perspective for him and this really inspired me, it surfaced to me how rock-stars are people too and im going to right a article in my school paper about it, one problem... im having trouble finding good information about what the hell is going on, i need legitimacy not blogs on what people think is happening, if you could all do me a favor and comment a link or email it to me ( it would be greatly appreciated.

RevolutionRock's picture

Good to hear!! You'll hit the ground running, I know it! :)



sabryGD17's picture

Billie Joe,Your feet and Your shoes are perfect! Perfect as You ♥

Idiot_Girlxx's picture

Beautiful feet ! ♥

Diana Haushinka GD's picture

Billie I just hope you're feeling better !
we want to see them again in Colombia :)

greengirl13's picture

omg i jst luv tht pic. me my homies do tht all the time. we luv ur band!

greendayfreak48's picture

<3 so much love right now! aahhh! <3 get better billie <3 <3333333333

Occlos's picture

Always crossing the line...but that's why we love u guys

GreenDayBJA's picture

there r also the feet of mike and trè behind of u

Doy0uknowyourenemy's picture

Its amazing to see you getting better, omg I could cry

GDB123's picture

im so happy you're doing better billie.
cant wait for your tour. its going to be my first green day concert.
and without a doubt the best concert i will ever go to.
<3 you guys.

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kyriacos96's picture

You are the man Billie!! Just go!! Your band and your fans need you!!

Sweetchildren409's picture

You the fucking man. Couldn't imagine the feeling of millions of people, not just a few like most people, waiting for someone that they love so much to get up on their feet. Some people forget where they came from, but you never did. Besides the music , I think that's why your so admired. You never let the fame get to your head. I'm pretty drunk right now some don't know if any of that made any sense. But got work in 6hrs so this guy is out.....get better broseph