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it's A good dAy

it's A good dAy
it's A good dAy
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Posted by BillieJoeArmstrong
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dreamwolf's picture

Glad your on the mend Billie,been very worried about you.Take care and get the rest you need.Love to you and your family,and Mike and Tre too
from uk xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Doy0uknowyourenemy's picture

Such a good few days! now you've posted this picture, we love you Billie.

LoveAndRazorblades's picture

That's cool

BassTorrent00's picture

*tries best to see past Billie's Oakland A's fandom*
Don't worry, you're still awesome, Billie.

jlw0808's picture

It sure is! .. With my Red Sox out, I guess, Go Oakland! ;) ... welcome back! :D

billiejoeawsome's picture

if so AWESOME if not boos but ok
and i thought there wasn't electronics allowed in rehab

billiejoeawsome's picture

so Waite im confused does this mean billie joe is out of rehab????????

greendayfreak48's picture

yaaaay! your back! missed you sooo much now i can go buy tickets for fairfax VA!!!! love ya billie! <33
(p.s. go nationals!!)

kary figueredo's picture

mi amooor

rami2206's picture

Hope you're doing fine!
It's so good to see you!

JulietSarah's picture

YEAH!!! So glad you made it through the fire. Much love..

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Ana Green Armstrong Punk's picture

we support you billie, and... i love your eyes (L)

cornwelljm's picture

Glad your feeling better! Oh and by the way your A's are going to lose to those O's in the playoffs lol. Both great stories. Not sure which team is more of a team of destiny, as some might say.

sabryGD17's picture

A GOOD DAY for a GOD (You) we're very happy you are back ..... UNO is excellent album *-* :D <3

BasketCaseN1's picture

I really hope you're ok now and hope you will be back sooner!!! ;D

GreenDayBJA's picture

oh, you're alive!!! thanks god ;) my american idiot cd is dead....i have heard it overly R.I.P. :'(

karenrashkash Extreme Green Day Fan's picture

A GOOD day for U is a GOOD day for me. Can't wait for Voodoo!!!

DannyDirnt's picture

Glad to hear you're doing good :D

eleST.JIMMY's picture

I'm happy you're back <3

heartbreaker93's picture

good to hear! the album is amazing love it sooo much
thinking of you
get well soon!!!!! XxX

sannPaus's picture

He's back.

lienneke's picture

i'm glad its a good day today! hope there won't be bad one's anymore! hope your better soon!! i love you, we will be here for you ;) hope to see you soon in belgium. lots off love xxxxx

ketzjup's picture

I love your eyes......

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Sweetchildren409's picture

Bob Dylan * not neil young.

Sweetchildren409's picture

Hey Billie, take all the time you need, we aren't going anywhere, Just wanted to say that UNO! Is unbelievable. It's like beach boys meet jersey boys meets Neil young meets foxboro hottubs meets chuck berry meets in your punk face and meet best of all meets green day. Truly an amazing album. Seeing you guys in Brooklyn in January very excited!! Even have my 3yr old nephew singing the songs. See you soon buddy

yaknowPUNK97's picture

awwwe, so glad he's feeling better :)

Diana36's picture

One Day at a time. Just keep going. Lots of Love and Support.