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Brian's picture
on October 23, 2012

Green Day have been nominated for Best Live and Best Rock act at the 2012 MTV EMA’s. VOTE NOW to help them win:


VivaLaRachel's picture

Let yourself Go plays on the EMA advert, so I think they have a good chance of winning! KEEP VOTING GUYS! c;

ketzjup's picture

Have anybody how is visiting this page ever been wondering?

LauraNeves's picture

Green Day ARE the best band ever, everybody knows :)

Mary Joe Armstrong's picture

Green Day are the best! don't stop voting for them! tell your friends to vote for them!

BasketCaseN1's picture

I will keep on voting until November 11!!! Non stop-voting for my favorite band!!!! I hope you will win!!!

noam's picture

dont stop voting!!

dreamwolf's picture

voted and will keep voting,GREEN DAY ARE GREAT

GreenDayGirl905's picture

Green Day shall win because of us, the awesome and devoted fans!

PigSniffingGlue's picture

Keep voting people! I'm voting as much as I can!
I wonder if Green day will attend the EMA's, because of Billie's state...
but I'll understand, let's make them proud!

Sanny's picture

i vote for you hope that i can help i will say to all my friends to VOTE for you GREEN DAY FOREVER