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on October 28, 2012


ChrisC_1997's picture

Anyone else notice that after they finished playing what they did of American Idiot, the Bassist started to play Welcome to Paradise. Good on Metallica for doing that.

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Haha Metallica makes Green Day sound super poppy. Is this some inkling that Billie is suffering from alcoholism? I couldn't help but think of Alcoholica when he was talking about him. Then again addiction is pretty standard so it doesn't matter exactly what the addiction is.

jacksonentzulo's picture

East Bay Thrashers...I used to watch Green Day and Neurosis play gigs together--obviously Metallica are connecting the two in tradition.

sabryGD17's picture

My Dream! Cry for you, cry for you song, cry too much...!! :')

VivaLaRachel's picture

It's great to see Metallica supporting Green Day!

PunkRockHappy's picture

I wouldn't call it exactly a cover, more a tribute. I don't have a problem at all with how Metallica handled this - they should be given much credit for being so supportive. I just don't think it should be labeled as a cover, that's all.

Leire's picture

I think that every Green Day fan will be grateful for this. And also Green Day members, obviously.

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Grandes Metallica, muy grandes...!