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Posted by BillieJoeArmstrong
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Average: 5 (13 votes)


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Awesomeeeee! I'm crazy for you <3
PD: Come to Spain please :)

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Fabulous...I'm still reeling from the canceled shows. I've been through my own issues/detox and 4 months is beyond Keith Richards' clean up time...Can only mean BJ's issues were beyond the beyond. (?) I wish him well...I haven't told my daughter the show that she's been so excited to go to for months is not going to happen. I know I sound selfish and I know that the way I felt when I stopped certain things was so horrible I couldn't walk across the street let alone play/gig. Anyway, I get it. Had to vent. I'm disappointed, my daughter will be crushed...but I get it. At the very least - Please reschedule the shows ASAP.

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✘✘ awesome, but has anyone noticed how billie hasent actualy been in any photos? we miss you billie <3 get better

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lol PLEASE :(

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hey, we haven't had haloween yet! I can't wait on DOS!

Nice hair Mike.

Guys, I love you. You changed my life :)

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what you leftover pumpkin!!!!

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I'm pumped for Dos!

Diana Haushinka GD's picture

Halloweener ✘✘

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your hair is brown again<3

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i have bought UNO, happy halloween mike!!!

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Yes I'm ready for the full DOS!

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THIS is a halloweener:

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omg, I'm doing a pumpkin with crosses on halloween then i'll try and carve 'Green Day' into it!

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Nice kitchen and nice hair colour!

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It seems that Mike is now with Billie. I love Mike, Billie, Tré and Jason.♥