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Leave Us Your Feedback!


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    Leave Us Your Feedback!
    May 05, 2011

    In an effort to give users a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on Green Day merchandise and anything in between, we’ve created this Feedback tab. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.


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on May 05, 2011

In an effort to give users a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on Green Day merchandise and anything in between, we’ve created this Feedback tab. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.



Steve Meyer's picture

Just checked my email, show cancelled. Sorry Billie is having problems, even sorrier that he affects me with this shit. Should have got Chili Pepper tickets, instead. Too late for that. Saw these guys in Seattle the last time they came through. Great show and I was really looking forward to seeing them in a small venue. Hope he gets better, but I won't be around to find out. No commitment for me gets no commitment from me.

Sophie Of Suburbia's picture

OMFG. Billie joe needs to get better, like very very soon. Really wanna see you guys live!!! Trying to pursuade my parents to get to me london to watch the show in junee! You's need to come to manchester, very soon. Best of luck to billie, hope hes doing well. RAGE AND LOVE!<3

IheartBillieJoe's picture

Can't wait for you to get better Billie!!! just know your real fans are waiting for you to get better and are standing beside you!!! you guys rock, We Love you!!!

FinnishGreenDayLover's picture

New album is great! Can't wait that other two will be published. I have been your fan since I was 10 years old (Dookie album was published then :) Please Billy threat yourself in shape soon, so you all are able to come here in Finland and give us again one awesome show. I really loved you last time. Show was amazing.

katiehammond's picture

how is billie doing now? is he ok?

valsmama's picture

hey. we are checking in daily for new instagrams as these are bright spots. love em' all but really waiting on a new one from BJ.

keep em' coming bro' - picture speaks 1000 words... keep strong - warm & dry too

theworldneedsmorerock's picture

Come to Malaysia! You haven't come here yet! Please come!

soldout's picture

and remember bands like nofx, No Use For A Name and Strung Out (who you fucked over)..they are still keeping it real...i can just see Fat Mike being a coach on american loser idol....or whatever pathetic show bj signed up for...remember ur fans from the very beginning..cause they are walking away from by one..jesus the best thing you have done since american idiot is bj at iheart....

soldout's picture

wow..where do i begin...bille joe in rehab? for bringing back punk? everything he said at iheart was truth...but you guys sold out when you went broadway with a horrible shit ass show...pathetic...i know i saw it...can i have my money billie joe apologized to who???justin beiber...must destroy all my green day stuff from all the shows i have been too...all music i have from GD blows now..pussy fucks

Caro-Whatsername's picture

i'm waiting you in argentina!

Mary West's picture

Please be aware that narCONon, the front group rehab for scientology, (which has been shut down for being unsafe in Quebec and is being investigated and sued for patient deaths in Oklahoma and Georgia) is using Billy Joe's likeness and story in its online advertisements. Here is the link so you can see this violation for yourself:
To anyone checking out that link, do not interact with these people, they are trying to recruit into scientology and their methods are proven unsafe and could cost you your life.
Great music, guys!

joanhaines's picture

Hey guys, wanted to send you this facebook posting excerpt:"Paige, a 17 year old girl passed away two days ago.Her loving family wanted to find a cure for her terrible epilepsy through a brain procedure, but due to complications, the surgery failed causing her brain to give out, but her heart still left beating due to life support.As I grieved with her family in the hospital room, we found the strength to play green day songs on a phone and place it next to her ear.I believe she heard it, because her heart rate just so happened to get a little faster. I am telling you this because this little girl was undoubtedly the biggest green day fan in the entire world, and anyone who knew her would agree 100%. Ever since I met her 7 years ago, she raved about her love for you guys. Posters all over her room, her green day lunch box, tons of green day clothing and Merch, every single one of your albums, etc could be found in Paige's possession. Green day was not just a band to Paige, it was her salvation. Little paige did not have an easy life. As a small child, she dealt with cancer. Thankfully she was cured, but shortly after, her extreme epilepsy developed. Her epilepsy would cause terrible, screaming seizures countless times a day; sometimes shed end up hurting herself during one. But the biggest comfort to her was listening to green day through it all. One night, when she had a terrible seizure in a restaurant, I held her and sang 'Time of your life' and she began to sing with me, holding me tight as she relaxed and stopped shaking. Every time id sleep over, I'd be awaken by a very loud seizure, silence, then her playing 'wake me up when September ends' on the piano over and over again.It soothed her more than you'll ever know. When everyone in her high school found out about her death, every student wore green in honor of Paige...Paige left this earth with you guys inside her heart, please let her inside yours.Thank you.My name is Pam Regan(email:

alicat2435's picture

Hey guys can you guys come to North Carolina please I love you guys! please please please come to NC I love you! -summer

Colin Ferguson's picture

Went to see the American Idiot Show, absolutely loved it, had the time of my life. Just wish you guys were doing more than one venue for your tour next year, I really wanted to see you guys live, but I cant get to the emirates then. P.S I also love !UNO!

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Flower maiden's picture

Just got tics for the moline il show. Can't wait to see ya!!!! Excitement scale at a million!!!

Shaleen Jain's picture

come 2 INDIA...v love u..

keithpalmer1984's picture

HI All, Just want to know when you guys are deciding to Tour South Africa? Green Day has a HUGE Following in South Africa!! Hope to see you guys soon!!

benjaaros1313's picture

Please, come to chile!

Marialu Sanchez's picture

Green fuckin day. Spain love you.

Marialu Sanchez's picture

Please come to Spain! Spain needs Green day and the good music.

Diana Ruiz Salceda's picture

Please come Mexico!!

Diana Ruiz Salceda's picture

that's the best page ever! and I must say that GreenDay's the best band, They're are my fucking life, I fucking LOVE YOU!!

13lestydylan's picture

I agree that the green day street team be brought back <3!!

karlachu's picture

i think you guys should bring back the green day street team! i think the fans, now more than ever, are all for promoting and doing missions for green day. =]

GW's picture

Has anyone else purchased merchandise from this site which is not as described? Beware buying the laminated coaster set - they are cardboard beer mats not laminated. Very expensive for what they are. Customer Service can't be bothered to respond to my 3 emails. I love Green Day but this Store is not good. I AM HOPING SOMEONE OFFICIAL FROM THE SITE WILL RESPOND.

NaNi2013's picture

Cuuando Vuelven a Argentina? Por favor necesito saverlo ..

Andypearce's picture

Please come to Mallorca - Spain!!!:D or Madrid!!

sjh1231's picture

This is a video form 1990 at Pinole Valley High, when you guys first changed your name! It has I was there and Dry Ice

Doombellow's picture

No Mpls / St. Paul tour dates (and yet you have two dates in wisconsin)?!?!? What kind of a bush-league, bullshit tour is this????

That's it... I'm taking back you christmas present Billie!