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on October 30, 2012

Watch the official video for Green Day's "The Forgotten" from the "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" soundtrack - coming 11/13.

Pre-order the soundtrack now at:

You can also view the video on


FreakyMe's picture

who´s better?
bella & edward or billie&adrienne?
and they don´t have those shitty red eyes

harlenequinzel's picture

NO! :( Please...I..My heart has been broken </3

BasketCaseN1's picture

I really love, love, love sooooo much this song! it makes me cry everytime when i listen to it!!! I really would like to sing it with Billie *-* maybe one day... My dream will come true! I hope soooo much!!!

Lola98's picture

I listened to this song and frankly, forget punk 2 minutes because it's really beautiful! Who cares that it is dedicated to Twilight, it's still Green Day! <3

Ewelina's picture

OMG! Green Day and Twilight ♥

PunkRockHappy's picture

I was not at all happy when I heard about this thing with the Breaking Dawn soundtrack - but now that I've heard the song it's totally forgiven! Such a pretty song, I actually cried. Billies voice is phenomenal on this piece.

For those of you who can't see it: I couldn't either from this site, but you can find it on YouTube!

karenrashkash Extreme Green Day Fan's picture

Love it. So pretty. Not too many slow Green Day songs. This is actually amazingly good. Fits my down mood right now, Green Day cancellations, no PR visiblity of band, Hurricane Sandy . . .

greendayfreak48's picture

beautiful butiful video until twilight interupted it. i would love to see a release of it with just the concert footage <3 amazing song tho. <3333

Zielona's picture

This song is beautiful! I love it! I can't wait on the film! and I can't wait on DOS!

In Poland you can see it on :)

Scarecrow's picture

Scarecrow's picture

Great song, BAD (Very very BAD) movie

Redundant's picture

Thank you Janie B!

VivaLaRachel's picture

Can't watch it, but I bet it's good since it's Green Day. Disappointed that it's for Twilight though.

ketzjup's picture

It's unable for me to watch this in my region. Fuck.

erci's picture

I can't see it from South America

Janie B's picture

If you from Europe, you can see it on

Redundant's picture

Cannot see this in Finland :(

longview23's picture

The song is so sad because Green Day is growing up too fast! I especially like the line "Like an empty hallway of a broken home" because it reminds me of Jesus of Suburbia.

zerolover14's picture

Thank god the Video was more about Green Day than Twilight :D :D I am Very HAPPY.

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