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    November 09, 2012

    News from Idiot Club:

     ...COMING SOON...

    Getting close.. stay tuned for details...

    Stay tuned to HERE

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on November 09, 2012

News from Idiot Club:


Getting close.. stay tuned for details...

Stay tuned to HERE


whatsername1321's picture

I'm not an Idiot Club member... but those are some awesome picks! I sort of know how to play guitar... I have an awesome Strat! I flippin' need these picks!

longview23's picture

I have been checking the idiot club website everyday I am so determined to get my hands on one of these! I even had a dream about it. How much longer must we wait?

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greenday91897's picture

i want some of these i need a new set of picks

greenday91897's picture

i want some aaaaaahhhhgggggggg lol greenday forever

Stray Heart's picture

Can't wait to get some of these

Sadie.bell's picture

OK so if I pre-order TRE i'll get a idiot club member ship?

That1PersonUForgot's picture

Yay! I'm so getting some... *Smiles sooo huge*
Guys, instead of buying the UNO album in stores, just buy em online. Not only do you get a special case you get a free Idiot Club membership... That's what I got...
If these motherf**kera come with signatures and you have to be in Idiot Club, I'm so laughing at you all... Carpe Diem! Seize the day by pushin down pedestrians!

Sarah's picture

OMG :'( i want this!!!!! :'( im not in Idiot Club my mom said NO! becaus she don't "have" money fuck my ass yeah she have so lmuch money ! :'( i wannnnttttttt

VivaLaRachel's picture

So glad I'm part of the Idiot Club, I actually need these.

smirnoff's picture

I also think it's the re-scheduled dates, at least I hope so.

valsmama's picture

idk... a whole lot of pics that gc cannot use.

Oak No's picture

Anyone who knows if they're going to be at MTV EMA Frankfurt? The only reason i'm going to watch it is because of Green Day.

Absnthmindedme85's picture

no no, it means they are releasing new tour dates due to all the canceled ones. Still wont be easy to get tickets. :(

BasketCaseN1's picture

I play guitar and i fucking want those guitar pics *______*

proud_ginge's picture

I'm guessing chances will be slim for anyone to get hold of one of these, Idiot Club member or not. Would be great if they are available world wide though .....

Sadie.bell's picture

Oh great, now I'm gonna have to learn how to play the guitar. Lol

josh_hun's picture

I hope so :D

Michalnication's picture

Will be possible to get one of these picks if I'm not a member of Idiot Club?