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Posted by BillieJoeArmstrong
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Average: 4.9 (9 votes)


Lola98's picture

Uno, Dos and Tre are three awesome CDs !! Keep it up, guys !! <3

Alma Gutierrez's picture

I'm about to buy the DOS! just fantastic and amazing work :)

Alokita's picture

wooohoooooooooo hoot hoot...

WiseMarie's picture

Far out riffs !!  Hope you're doing good with your rehab BJ... it takes a long time to break free of bad habits and chocolate can only do so much (and candles !) but you can be strong  <3

Angie Punx's picture

¡DOS! IS AWESOME!!!! LOVE IT, ALL THE SONGS! Baby Eyes is like diabolic and great! and no words for Lazy Bones! In Argentina we got only the censored version, we expect the explicit, but we got the itunes' songs. Ahora solo falta ¡TRE!

extraordinary girl's picture

¡¡YESSSS!! Dos! is finally out i'm so ecxited my favorites are "Makeout Party"  "Ashley"  "Stray Heart" and "Baby Eyes".... i think is the best record of the trillogy but i have the feeling that TRE! is going to be excellent too 

39kdinwai21cbudt's picture

I love how you record an album then keep the songs then buy it on iTunes then buy it at the stores

greendayfreak48's picture

Wooohooo! Finaly! its couldent have come at a better time

mlewis's picture

Love Dos! The Bass part on "Makeout Party" is awesome! Can't wait for Tre' I Love you all.

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GreenDayBJA's picture

I think that DOS is better than UNO!!! (:

greengirl13's picture

o my god it got a parental advisory sticker!! must b some wicked stuff!! cant wait now i know wat stores 2 look 4 it and wich not 2 (walmart) :)

Mx_forever's picture

May it knock you off your feet like it does me... Wow! That´s loud!

GreenDayFan15's picture

1 more day :DD Counting down the hours ;D

Mx_forever's picture

Yes, it´s very physical music...

mrshluffy's picture

my body is ready...

ilovegdandftp's picture

omg i want those so bad!!!!!

AngelBlue's picture

Both so great. <3

TreKewl_'s picture

Already found ¡Dos! (For God's sakes, thanks French music shops.) and it's awesome! I just can't wait to hear ¡Tré!, I can't realize that there's only one month left. Love you guys!

Mx_forever's picture

... it´s so lush... dirty... ecstatic... muahahahar... licking my fingers for more... lust and greed... rip off my clothes... black heart... choking... cough...fuckkxxxx... wow... kiss me here... and there... YES, there... ooooh...that´s loud.................... kllngmeeee........

Leire's picture

When "TRÉ" comes out, I'd like to get the three albums together AND a tee or something.

punkisnotdead's picture

I NEED DOS!!!!!!!!!!

Mx_forever's picture

Seems that DOS turns out to be one of my favourite Green Day-releases. I confess, I´m DOS-addicted. Please, don´t help!

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Mx_forever's picture

Yippieh, it has been released in Germany yesterday, and I can almost sing along already. Play it all day long, again and again, it´s so fucking awesome! Uno was confusing, but Dos is best stuff, need nothing else to get high. Boyz, you did a fucking good job! C´MON, IT´S FUCKTIME!!!

Njka's picture

My god! I love it *-*

Sadie.bell's picture

oh wait never mind it's 3 more days. lol

Sadie.bell's picture

Only 2 more days til DOS is released!!! Cant wait! UNO was pretty awesome. TRE will be released on my 14th birthday. :P haha

Doy0uknowyourenemy's picture

My DOS! came through today X_X