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via Personal Recipe 1716945:

Posted by BillieJoeArmstrong
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Average: 5 (4 votes)


Dany's picture

this is on ipod????

punkisnotdead's picture

so... beautiful... *dies*

GreenDayBJA's picture

ahahah, I have just bought DOS!!! <3

St Jimmy's picture

Baby eyes & Wild one & Stray Heart & Lazy Bones &  Garage Rock Sound!!!

extraordinary girl's picture

Hahahaha Billie you´re so carzy and cute for download you're own music :) i have to say that I LOVE DOS! IS SO FUCKING AWSOME.... i can´t wait to have TRE! right on my hands. now ilove Green Day more than ever

Sadie.bell's picture

haha nice. ;)  cant wait til TRE comes out on my birthday!!! My favorite songs from DOS are "Stray Heart" and "Amy". We love ya Billie Joe!!

Mx_forever's picture

@IIithya: "If you ask yourself nicely, you might be able to get a signed copy." Muahar!

And if he´s even nicer, he may get a backstage pass and a free ticket to visit his own concerts!

sabryGD17's picture

baby eyes ! it's beautiful ! :')

Occlos's picture

Great job on dos guys love nightlife good shit....get ur shit together billy my family and I have tickets to see you in Vegas....

Ilithya's picture

Another cracking album... got my download, and looking forward to my book copy landing here in UK from the US. 

If you ask yourself nicely, you might be able to get a signed copy  ;)

Scarecrow's picture

why download your own music? ._.

rachelk16's picture

Downloaded x3

erci's picture

Ayer, en casa, mi madre y yo levantamos las copas brindando por ¡DOS!y escuchando el disco... es sensacional, me gustó mucho Wild One... te transporta al cielo...
besos y espero cada día estés mejor "My heart is in danger with ¡DOS!"

Leire's picture

Billie, you're my fucking hero. If I was you, I'd do the same, but I'm myself and the album is already download... Don't worry-I'll buy merchandising for you.

Idiot_Girlxx's picture

Hahaha, Billie, you're crazy, you download your own music:D Sure, This songs are great, i love : B hahhahha, I have already downloaded all! I love you♥