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Brian's picture
on December 13, 2012

Vote Green Day "Favorite Band" at People's Choice Awards 2013: HERE


JamesisaGreenDayJunkie69's picture

If Green Day does not win and goes to someone else like Maroon 5 that is going to ruin my day 

Sadie.bell's picture

They BETTER win. I think I literally voted like 150 times!

Pedro Simoes's picture

i cant find green day there wtf!


JIlkhas's picture

voting green day EVERYDAY <3

karenrashkash Extreme Green Day Fan's picture

Uh guys .. . .   Only  5  categories are still open.  Favorite Band is closed now.  I did my part : ))

karenrashkash Extreme Green Day Fan's picture

I not only try to vote for Green Day every day, but like 20 times at one session.  I vote Green Day, then another category, then GD, then different category, the every other   : ))

anthony rodriguez's picture

im voting every day

Carla GD 98's picture

I've just voted for green day...I really hope you'll win because you're amazing!

VivaLaRachel's picture

It says 'vote as many times as you like!' Please help Green Day win.

VivaLaRachel's picture

They have to win.

erci's picture

Ya voté. Me gustaría que Wild one sea otro corte del album ¡DOS!. Gracias por la dedicatoria de UNO y DOS a todos los fans, muy lindo gesto. Billie don´t give up, we love you.

Sadie.bell's picture

Just  voted for Green Day! I told pretty much everyone at school to vote for you guys and I  hope they listen!  haha

GDfan4life's picture

I told everyone of my friends to vote! I hope they win because they are the best band in the world!!!!! <3

Ms.Anthrope's picture

Well they are the best musicans on that list. 

Dany's picture


YA LO ISE!!! :D lastima que no ganaron en los MTV EMA frankfurt :(