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My grandpa Jay Jackson's fiddle I just restored. He would be 130 years old

My grandpa Jay Jackson's fiddle I just restored. He would be 130 years old
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via Personal Recipe 1716945:


via Personal Recipe 1716945:

Posted by bj_unoxx
Average: 5 (7 votes)


donna12202010's picture

she's in good shape, you did a great job repairing her. That is truly a treasure to cherish, and Im sure your boys would love it to have it passed down to them

sabryGD17's picture

Love your dad's fiddle ! I love your love to your dad !


i cant remember does billie play the fiddle?

32Adeline's picture

I'm sorry, I do not know much English(((I know how to play the violin, soon I'll take the exam, still learning the guitar and piano. Violin very well preserved, despite the fact that she was 130 years old.

GreenDayBJA's picture

I'm trying to learn to play guitar, we play keyboard at school but I haven't a piano and I can't play green day songs because my keyboard is too small

valsmama's picture

nice fiddle, wish I could hear how it plays. bring it to the django et stéphane fest at the freight. what a dream come true that would be...

Dany's picture

you play the violin!!!!!????

Leire's picture

I've always liked this instrument, but it's so hard to play... But also drums are great!

GDB123's picture

i used to play that instrument its beautiful.

hope your doing good billie<3

BasketCaseN1's picture

It's just sooo beautiful *-* i have a fiddle too but it's not so that old! i wonder if you can play it, but i bet you can hehehe!!! I also hope that you're better now, Billie!!! <3 <3 <3

JadedRebel's picture

Wow, that is a beautiful instrument!