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Hi kids

Hi kids
Hi kids
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Posted by BillieJoeArmstrong
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Bram Schiepers's picture

how do you get you hair like that i try it always but i fail everytime ;( but nice to see you like that! ✘✘✘✘

donna12202010's picture

What about the girls and gents that are of age? Lol, good to see you and I hope your feeling better . Take care of you and from my heart I hope nothing but the best for you.

Alokita's picture

hey bj i have 1 request... PLS COME to INDIA..... bye..

St. Jimmy Armstrong's picture

Your back and still hawt as hell!!! I love you, Billie Joe !!

missnimrod's picture

OMG!! That is incredibly awesome to see you again :) LOTS OF LOVE from Turkey! (hope you guys will come some day)

Miss_CuteZombie's picture

out of rehab!does this pic mean so!!? really nice to see pics from u so fans we can know how you're looking. waitin' for green day here in spain!

kersi's picture

hey Billie Joe!!! You look very fine!!! Good to see you again!!

I´ m very happy about this!!

We need you in Austria!!

See ya guys!

missxnothing's picture

Hi Billie :D You look great, and I hope you're feeling a ton better. Take as much time as you need to do what you need to do. Take care<3

sophie-brown's picture

wait does this mean he is out of rehab??? or not??? <3333

michael123456789's picture

Write a comment here (no HTML please) well Billie Joe

Alma Gutierrez's picture

My love ♥.♥

Keeila09's picture

Helloooooo helloooooo Billie joe :D

emmab's picture

That makes so good to see you, I love you boys. ♥

mary jane's picture

hi BJ   :D

greendayfreak48's picture

OMG! BILLIE!! your officially back!!! i wasnt sure cause there wasnt an actual pic of u on here sience 1<3radio bun now your baaackk!!!!!!!! :D nice beard btw. ;) doing that no shave november thing? <3333 lots of love and i cant wait till u come to fairfax!!!!!!!!!! <333333

JadedRebel's picture

Billie! I am Always Hoping that You are Feeling Better and Better each and every single day! <33

Sadie.bell's picture

Well hello there Billie Joe. ;) Hope your feeling better!! 


AgusOfSuburbia's picture

I swear that you are the sexiest guy I've ever seen! I love you soooooooo much <3

FunkyPie's picture

hi dad

BlvdOfDreams7's picture

Hi darling. You look great. Keep up the fight. We support you 100%. Feel better very soon. Much L.O.V.E.

sabryGD17's picture

hi *-* fantastic man *-* but how we love you!!! *-*

LuciaRoos's picture

Hey Billie-Joe! Hope your rehab memories are better than mine.

Check out the new PunkBand Instant Abortion, 

oh and St Jimmy says hi, 

he and I are writing new songs.... You guys are the best! 

I'm glad you look alot better

xoxo from The Netherlands

kyriacos96's picture

Dude you are still alive!!  Keep fighting Billie and never give up, may your passion for music help you overwin your troubles. Europe is waiting for you 3!!

GreenDayBJA's picture

hi!!! it's good to see a your photo!!! but where is mike?!? I have watched his latest photos...

TreKewl_'s picture

It's good to see you Billie Joe! 

heartbreaker93's picture

Hi Billie! lookin well as always! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! XxX

Leire's picture

Hello, honey. Nice to see you again! You look like rocking (like always). And I like your beard. Keep like that 

Fulya's picture

Finally we can see you.You look great!!  

I want to see you live,so PLEASE COME TO TURKEY!!!

iragreen's picture

Hi Billi ♥, i'm so very very happy to see you♥ I LOVE YOU 

BasketCaseN1's picture

Hi Billieeeee!!! Sooo happy finally to see you!!! I really hope you're better now!! I just can't wait to see you here in italy and in europe next year!!! we're waiting for you =)))           <3 <3 <3