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When is enough enough? The right to bear arms was written 300 years ago from the revolutionary war. War on drugs? How about a war on guns?? My heart goes out to those familys

When is enough enough? The right to bear arms was written 300 years ago from the revolutionary war. War on drugs? How about a war on guns?? My heart goes out to those familys
When is enough enough? The right to bear arms was written 300 years ago from the revolutionary war. War on drugs? How about a war on guns?? My heart goes out to those familys
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Posted by BillieJoeArmstrong


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This violence everywhere! Venezuela is something we see unfortunately in my country every day and here there is no right to bear firearms! But deaths continue!
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i feel sooo bad for those families and my ears will never hear somthing worse than this in the rest of my years alive.

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Yes, it is a VINTAGE right.

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The time is now - the government needs to be strong enough to implement CHANGE NOW

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I just want to get away on another planet... Humans are so stupids I can't believe it... But let me tell you someting Billie, where I live in Canada (Québec)  we don't have the right to bear arms like that, but some shitty people find the way to get into a College with a machine-gun and shoot innocent people or like during this fall, our prime minister was attack by a fucking idiot. We got to change our mind... What is this fucking habit to adjust a probleme by shooting everything ?! Fuck !!! American Idiot, Canadian Idiot, Humans Idiot. We have to move on and do something for real !

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Sithlord3- I'm sorry, I still disagree. I don't think owning a gun to protect yourself from a gun is the answer. You need to get to the root of the problem and cut it out, not add more potential problems to the equation. Thern again, I don't have an ideal answer, so...

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Mosherchick- Are you out of your mind? No member of the pulic should be able to get a gun? Not for nothing but gun control and super tight regs do nothing for criminals.  They will always get a gun.  And when the law abiding citezens have no way to protect they're families from these pieces of human shit, we loose.  I walked down the aisle of my brothers wedding with Vicky Soto's cousin. This is tragic. I live only about 20 mins from Newtown.  I also live 5 mins. away from the horendous murders of the Pettite Family in Cheshire  a few years ago. But I guess neither of the forementioned tragedies could have been helped with a law abiding citezen with  a legaly obtained and responsably owned firearm, right? 

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I agree that the media are partly to blame, but there are a lot of sick bastards out there in the public who like to raise mass murderers up to a hero status and give them their own facebook pages and encourage them. This world has become diseased. The media aren't responsible for peoples actions.
No member of the public should be able to get their hands on a gun. I don't see why they feel like they need one. Protection? How does that make you any better than the guy trying to kill you?

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I agree that the right to bear arms is indeed an antiquated law.  The fact of the matter is simply this, people get sick.  They mentally lose control of themselves and their lives.  Whether it's due to nature and a chemical imbalance or due to growing up in the wrong circumstances(most likely a combination of both), people will keep losing control.  There's no way to predict who these people are going to be, and this will continue to keep happening until the means of mass killing is removed from the equation.  People will still find ways to kill, but I think we could decrease catastrophic results like what has occurred in the recent shooting.  In any case, there has to be some kind of change.  This just cannot keep happening.  It makes my heart and mind so unbelievably sick.  My love and hope for some sort of resolution and peace go out to all affected by this tragedy.

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Such a sad world. They need to figure something out before this happens again.

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I really have no comment about this!!! soooo sorry for those families! my heart goes to them too :°°°°°°(((

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(Reply to Dan3siko) I would add, the media can report without disclosing the personal information.  They chose not to show the the deceased children.  They chose not to include particular details.  My point is that I believe that for people that operate like this guy, it serves as a motivator that they will get this attention to the extreme that it is rewarding to them.  In this particular case, the guy even bragged that he would get attention and gave hints at his crime before he did it.  Gun laws could always be stricter and I won't disagree with that.  But this would apply to law abiding citizens and not criminals.  I respectively disagree with you in determining the source of motivation or means by which this was made possible.  Violence did not begin with the right to bear arms just like it did not begin with the media.  But when these guys are plannig to make a splash, I believe it has more to do with making headlines than it does with what weapon is most readily available.  In either, we need to figure it out and get it corrected.

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(reply to throggie's comment) Throggie, i do not think that you can blame the media for this terrible event. No matter what political swings different news-sources might have, their main goal is to do one this: report the news. Without them reporting the news, nobody would be aware of this tragedy, and nobody would be able to support the families uppon which this tragedy has fallen. And i do  not think that any person as sick as the shooter in this event is would really care how well known they are because of what they did. As to the legality of guns, i disagree with you again throggie. Guns might not have determined what this person did, but they gave them the means to do it. With stricter gun laws, or perhaps no guns at all, the shooter would not have been able to get a weapon that enabled him to do such terrible things. This was a terrible event, and my heart goes out to the victims and families.

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War on guns?  How about a war on the media that makes heroes out of these people by blasting their face, name, resume, and legacy all over the place to inspire the other shit heads out there to do the same thing?  Knowing they will get this notoriety is the same to these guys as winning an MVP award.  The legality of the weapon was likely not the determining factor in what motivated this guy.  I can agree, however, that my heart goes out to those affected.

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tell me you did not  buy a gun

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my heart goes out with u...its a sad worldwe live in...