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Photo from bj_unoxx

Photo from bj_unoxx
Photo from bj_unoxx
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via Personal Recipe 1716945:

Posted by BillieJoeArmstrong
Average: 5 (11 votes)


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That sad!! He will always be remembered!
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that day was the most saddest day in my entire life. in school we watched it in carreer modules and everyone was crying even me, i felt soo bad, this world wont end from natural causes, but extinction of the human race. people can be soo stupid and clulesss somtimes.



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I'm shocked by what happened in this school. I live in France and I'm a teacher, my students are 4 years old. I'm so sad for Victoria and her family.

All my thoughts for the children and their families


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very sad... :'( .... rip dear victoria... may ur soul rest in peace..

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Just when you think the whole world is rotten beyond repair, you hear about a woman like this. She literally gave everything for others. She's a light in the darkness and a reason to hope. We won't ever forget her and how brave and unselfish she was.  

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She sure is a brave soul. God bless her, her family, and all the families who are mourning because of this tragic incident.

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always remember  her as a hero

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very sad...I walked in my brothers wedding with this girls cousin..very sad.

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I,m so sad about this!  And we can do nothing to stop it! I cant find any words for this.......

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Sweet Girl <3


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So sad.. A hero indeed.

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R.I.P. Victoria <3 she was a hero <3

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I'm so sad... I can't understand why there's people in the world that are pleased of stealing others peoples life...