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My boys

My boys
My boys
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Posted by BillieJoeArmstrong
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Average: 4.6 (9 votes)


Lola98's picture

Beautiful like their father !! And I discoverded something : I was born on the 12th of September in 1998... Like Jakob ;) In short, I love all your family <3


OMG!!!! So hot just like their daddy

ThisStrayHeartWentToAnother's picture

Holy hotness.

JannekevanMeel's picture

Wooha! Handsom ^-^ Merry christmas !!!

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nina_marina's picture

I love your family hahahha ♥

greengirl13's picture

so handsome like thier dad. they are the picture perfect copies of that one beutiful woman adrienne.

JadedRebel's picture

They are Very Handsome :) Merry Christmas!

Zielona's picture

Two pretty boys. Thay are similar to Adrienne, but they have your smile. You should be proud of them!

Merry Christmas for you and for your family! :)

Alokita's picture

super duper xerox copies of our beautiful adriennee!!!! just love her...!!!

Sadie.bell's picture

 haha I have braces too. They fricken suck lol.  So handsome just like their dad!!  Merry Christmas to you and your fam Billie Joe!! And if you havent read Sweetchildren409s post then you most certainly should. Totally makes sense. :) Brutal Love seriously is fricken epic.  We all love ya! I know you hear that alot and I hope it's not getting too old, but it's so true. :) Merry Christmas BJ

Tibisay Lugo's picture


They are very handsome! They should be proud of the father they have! That you and you family spend a happy Christmas! Greetings from Venezuela
1luv's picture

Merry Christmas - I wish safety, health and happiness - family comes first :) 

St. Jimmy Armstrong's picture

They are very handsome just like thier father. Have a Merry Christmas Billie Joe and fam!! and happy new year!

Leire's picture

They are super similar to Adrienne! But the smile... Is yours.

sabryGD17's picture

what a beautiful guys! :')

mlewis's picture

Wow,  two handsome gentlemen, just like their dad.  Merry Christmas Billie to you and your family.  I love you.

Sweetchildren409's picture

Your biggest accomplishments . As talented and legendary as you are , nothing will ever make you as happy as these two gentlemen. Remember when life has you down, when it's all said and done,family is what it's all about. Having said that I feel so fucking old looking how old they are getting. Be well and Merry Christmas. P.s you will probably never read this but what's the chances of you performing last night on earth for my wedding on April19th in Manhatten?? You will be doing something unforgettable for your biggest fan of the last 25 years in the world. I know your used to hearing that but it's true. Be good and relax coming back, we ain't going nowhere. You left us with some of the best music I ever heard from you while we wait for you guys to return. Brutal love might be , in my eyes, one of the best songs I ever heard. Take care ........