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on September 23, 2013

Not on Instagram yet? Well what are you waiting for! Add Billie Joe (BJ_UNOXX), Mike (MIKE_DOSXX), Tre (TRELEPARC), Jason White (JW_Cuatroxx), and Jeff Matika (JeffMatika) now!

Follow the Official Green Day Instagram (GreenDayIG).


LittleGirlMaria's picture

Does someone know, how to sing in to this Instargram? Please help :**

Whowroteme's picture

Instagram's an app for iPods and iPads. You gotta have one of those if you want to sign up. After you sign up you can sign in from a "normal" computer too. As far as I know.

Tibisay Lugo's picture


Billie please return to Venezuela! By please please please! I want to see Green Day live since the last time I could not go! Return!
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Green Day i am a big big big  fan of yours please come to India for a show at New Delhi

i request you for a show here please make a tour for India i want to see your live concert once in my lifetime i see every of your youtube video but i really want to see you live

hope you will consider my request :)

and sorry for my bad english ;)