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Photo from bj_unoxx

Photo from bj_unoxx
Photo from bj_unoxx
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via Personal Recipe 1716945:


via Personal Recipe 1716945:

Posted by BillieJoeArmstrong
Average: 4.8 (6 votes)


ALoneLonelyLoner's picture

They should've used that gun in the movie, "The Boondock Saints".

LiamBakewell's picture

So the Bullet in "Bullet in a Bible" came out of this Gun. Right?

suburbia's picture

Holy cr---!  Looks like something the guys on Storage Wars would come across!

Dany's picture

please billie don?t shoot!!! xD

Punk_Douchebag's picture

Oh, I'm never bored when I'm killin' for the Lord!

Sol's picture

Argentina quiere Green Dayyyyyy :) BJA te amo

deraiche_27's picture

Every time the trigger is pulled, it's a shot to the faith.

BasketCaseN1's picture

Hahahahahahaha oh my god!!! Billie you always have original things!!! I want one like that can you give me please??? It's beautiful!!! xDD

✗Nuclear Girl✗'s picture

Without words...


But your tattoo is very beautiful! Sometimes I used to write PUNK in my hand like you :)

Bram Schiepers's picture

but on his hand stands punx or am i wrong?

✗Nuclear Girl✗'s picture

Oh XD for me it's a problem: I also think that is PUNX, but I read in a website that is PUNK (it has more sense). I would like to know it, but anybody answers if you ask it on Feedback... Well, we will never know it! :)  (sorry for my english)

Zielona's picture

Wow! This gun is awesome! I really want to have it! :)

mlewis's picture

WTF, where did you find that?

AngelBlue's picture

Great picture...

Sadie.bell's picture

I could see that gun on The Walking Dead. :P  Does it even work I wonder?

IvetteGrailletArmstrong's picture

Mexico wants to green day many people want here  i love u Billie <3 

greendera's picture

Amo ese tatuaje asjkgdiasu♥

AgusOfSuburbia's picture