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English grandfather Italian grandmother

English grandfather Italian grandmother
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via Personal Recipe 1716945:

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English grandfather Italian grandmother, on Instagram
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Hey Billie Joe im not sure if you read these comments but i'll ask my question anyway. ;)

 What does the song Drama Queen mean?  It would make sense if Tre or Mike wrote it since they both have teenage daughters but, I dont think you do. So what's the point of it?

It's a cute song though :) 


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Ohh, you're middle European!!! I love Europe, that includes Italy ! <3 <3 

I love you <3 Come to Argentina, please!!

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you're middle Italian!!! Now I'm happy to be Italian for the first time!!! <3

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You are middle european!! So you have to go to Europe more times... jajajajaja :)

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Sooo you're european ! :D Good good :D

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Woooowww so you're some italian? Wonderful Billie!!! I'm italian from north italy *-* Just can't believe it you're italian in some way!!!  *-* *-* *-* Can't wait to see you guys here in italy for your concerts *-*

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Cool! I was just wondering "what" you are :P

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Hi Billie Joe!  So happy to know you are on the mend.   Love this pic!  Definitely a resemblance between you and them, especially Grandfather's eyes and yours -- wonderful eyes! .  :-)

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woow!!! °_°