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I fucking love this band. Always have.. Always will

I fucking love this band. Always have.. Always will
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via Personal Recipe 1716945:

Posted by bj_unoxx
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yes Billy Idol is good,but i see green day at the festival in Werchter the belgium on 4 juli 2013

i'm looking forward

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"One Hundred Punks" :)

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I saw Billy Idol in 2010 ...they played a couple of Generation X songs....was an awesome show !!

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and I fucking love you

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Me too :33 *-* 

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awesomness :3

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awesome!!! I love them too!!! :3 XD

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I fucking love Green Day...!!!!! :)

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Go Billy Idol!


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first comment

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Congratulations. This is not a teenager magazine site. We don't care about if you're the first one.