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on January 23, 2013

Vote Green Day Best Music Moment of the Year for their surprise set at Reading: HERE


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Green Day rulz the universe.  They deserve all the praise in the world... Petro Engineers bows down to Green day!

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Even petroleum engineers get excited about Green Day!


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Voted Green Day! I'm sure this will not air in my Country! Could someone tell us if they win?

✗Nuclear Girl✗'s picture

Oh don't worry XD this website will tell us if they win. I'm sure :)

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*----* Dmais

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I'll be watching it tonight.  They better win!!  

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I voted for pussy riot in the hero category! and of course I voted for Green Day in their category :P

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Voted for GREEN DAY !

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Just did . Hope you win

✗Nuclear Girl✗'s picture

I have just voted, and I'm sure they are going to win. Sometimes I think why you can't vote for two bands in a nomination. I would like to vote to Justin Bieber and One Direction for the worst band, but I can't (shit!!). Well, at the end I voted for Justin Bieber...

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I do not see green day :C

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Voted for them

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Voted, i wish they were an more catergories. It's funny how One Direction are in 'worst band' finally the world has come to it's senses.

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Haha right ;)  So there´s still hope...

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Yeah ;) When I saw that I had to laugh so loud and I phoned all my friends to say them hey guys I voted for one direction ...... as worst bands  (they silly dudes all love 1D)

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Green Day should be in almost all these