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on February 04, 2013

Tuesday June 25th

Tallinn Song Festival Ground, Estonia

On sale: Monday, February 11th 10am local time.



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please come to latvia, guys you ROCK!!!!!111

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And South america? :l

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I don't see why Estonia is a more able place for a concert than say, Red Rocks in Colorado. It's the best concert experience ever!

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Because it's a world tour, therefore they need to travel around the world. 

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Dude ur lucky... I live in Kansas and they won't come

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I live in Estonia and I'm going :33 That'll be obviously my favourite summer!!!!!!!!! :P

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And I'm moving to Estonia from the UK in about 2 weeks so I'll also be there! Great news and will certainly help me ease into my new way of life.  :)

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Congratulations! I wish I could go to a Green Day concert...

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Come to salina Kansas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Green day your my bros!