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Kickin' it

Kickin' it
Kickin' it
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Posted by BillieJoeArmstrong
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Average: 4.8 (13 votes)


SitaraSingh's picture

Hello, Billie. I've bought all of Green Day's albums; from 1990 to 2012. I just wanted to let you know that I'm a huge fan of yours, and I love the music you guys make. Your music inspired me to pick up a guitar and rock the world. I've never been to a Green Day concert. I hope you guys come in India, Mumbai soon. It's my dream to see you guys live. You're the best man, keep up the good work. You're the best.

St. Jimmy Armstrong's picture

Nice shoes Billie Joe!

greengirl4eveey25's picture

even feet cute lol you way cute billie

Alokita's picture

hey beej where r u nwadays??? postttt sumthinnnnnnnnn.................. newwwwwwwwwww.... ;P ;) plssssssssssssss..........

Nataschi's picture

...but to look at like you are.

Nataschi's picture

And the flowers are not to use...

Nataschi's picture

...the tablecloth is just laying there, the chair carries you... Come to Germany/Mannheim next year!! Please!

Nataschi's picture

Because today is february the 17, I would like to wish you Happy Birthday. Celebrate this Birthday like it is the last 41st Birthday.  Always remember, we all want to celebrate together your birthday. The coffee is smelling nice, the cake is hot, the forks are waiting...

mn0710's picture

Billie please come to Switzerland if you can please, please come to basel or zurich. I beg please come i am dying to see green day

setareh's picture

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happy birthday billie!

i'm from Iran! please come to Asia! i'm dying too see you!

karitooh13's picture


Well Billie, I know you will not read this, but I want to tell you that 41 years ago was born a beautiful and talented baby in Rodeo, California. His name was misspelled, He would call'' Billy'' but the mother was wrong and put'' Billie''.
His mother, to this day remains waitress and his father died when he was dies years, a sad news.
Then, a little older and I think the band'' Green Day'', in one of his trips he knew the most beautiful woman on Earth, of which he fell in love and after a while you declare and asked marriage.
They married on your backyard and formed a beautiful family, and his wife tubieron which two children to love.
After that we went ahead with their peers, rather, with his friends Mike, Tre and Jason. They won a lot awards, won a lot of money, fame and fortune.
After a while Green Day was a festival of ''Radio Heart'', in which that beautiful baby, tube attack, all around, all fans, fans of green day ... is concerned, it helped more I never, ever supported them.
Our beautiful and talented baby could come out of this, even with some problems but then recovered, after that the fans rejoiced more than ever, after learning that his hero has left unharmed.
Today is February 17, 2013 ... And that beautiful baby ... You are an adult, whom all adore and admire, an example,Unfortunately a bad example for others, but that's not important what are you importa.Lo Billie Joe Armstrong, YOU are the one that matters, everyone in the world, from all over the world, even you do not believe, celebrated your birthday.
On every continent, at different times, celebrate your birthday
We want you to know that you, you are someone important to us all, you're a hero to us ...
I love way too Beej, Hero Happy Birthday, Have fun with your family and friends, and I hope all your goals, desires and pleasures come true,
St. Jimmy Armstrong's picture

This has made me cry! Whoever wrote this,I know you are a huge GD fan just like me. I don't know you but I love you. Billie Joe is like a father to me. He is like a god to me. karitooh13, St. Jimmy loves U! You have the blessings from St. Jimmy and The Jesus Of Sububia.  Rage AND LOVE

Tina Karagianni's picture

Happy birthday Billie!!! Thanks for the great music!!!!

JessArmstrong80's picture

Happy 41 years! .. There are not enough words to thank you for being part of my life! .. 're the one who encouraged me to keep going at my worst! .. I look forward to seeing you again on stage! <3 I love you! :3

erci's picture

Happy Birthday, Billie!!! Just a bit late for saying this, but yesterday I was working 24 hs in the hospital, I felt very say, no internet... but all of the best wishes for you. ¡Feliz cumpleaños, amigo mìo!

IdiotFromDetroit♥'s picture

Ok Billie:

I'm all a hole year fan of Green Day and I'm happy of that! I listen every day to your music and that makes me so happy , on scary moments , on happy moments,....

On weekends I look to your shows: the static age, awesome as f**k , Bullet in a Bible,...

I have all your cd's and I'm proud of that and sorry my english is not so good :)

But all the idiots love you and we miss you , Billie!

And please come to Belgium ever again, we miss you guys!

Greetings from all your #proud #idiots!

I ♥ you Green Day! 

And remember we idiots, we support you all the time !

Stay Strong Billie and the other members of GD!

You guys rocks ! ☺

suburbia's picture

Hope you had a very Happy Birthday Billie Joe!  Excellent pic!  Looks like Joshua Tree Monument in the Mojave Desert. Beautiful!   Good time of year to go there for sure.  Wishing you an awesome year!  :- )

czzchzn's picture

Happy birthday Billie Joe I'm a chinese .there're many people here want to see a GreenDay concert in china.even though I know it's impossible...but I still love,love greenday.You are the best singer in my heart

Irem13's picture

Happy birthday Billie Joe!!! I love you very much!!!

Scriptygirl's picture

Happy Birthday!!! Loved you in Irvine & the 1iota show. Can't wait to see you this year!!!!

suckonnnthat17's picture

oh my gosh happy birthday billie joe i love you and everything about you soooo much!!! and i have shoes just like yours now i jst need socks like u soo we can be twins once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!:D 

PatriciaFifer's picture

Write a comment here (no HTML please)ya gotta luv a man that can rock tenny shoes!! <3

greengirl13's picture

billie joe, your music has played a big pert in my life. people say im crazy for liking your guys's music instead of the new, rap. i say, they are the most amazing rock band you will ever hear. plus theyve been around making punk rock one of the most famouse brand of rock in the world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILLIE JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

carolts89's picture

happy b-day!!!

I love you

I love you

I love you

Lendy's picture

:) Dear Billie,  happy birthday to you :) I  hope this day has been incredible for you...I love you ....hehe  cheers !!! From Ecuador

MARY XMAS's picture

Mainly on toilets!


MARY XMAS's picture

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and PLEASE don't forget, that candles are burning oxygen! Thanks.

Fifth Element's picture

Semel in anno licet insanire. (Horatius)  Happy Birthday!

Pabloguitar's picture

Happy B-Day Billie!!! I want to see you soon in Spain :D

noam's picture

happy B-day billie from israel!!!!!!!! I want to thank you for inspiring me and for saving my life in so many different ways...