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Wanna go camping...?

Wanna go camping...?
Wanna go camping...?
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via Personal Recipe 1765125:

Posted by Trecool
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Average: 5 (9 votes)


Nataschi's picture

And then I am coming...

extraordinary girl's picture

Hi Tre! of course i would love to go camping with it would be AWSOME!!!!! I can imagine it very cleary you, me and the beautiful forest <3


✗Nuclear Girl✗'s picture

Hello Tré!! A long time ago since you upload your last photo... I missed you.... Agreed, I will go camping with you. Tell me a date and a time, and I will be there.

Holiday4GreenDay's picture

hell yeah i want to go camping

mlewis's picture

I've been searching  for " Mr. Wright" in a houndstooth decorated van,  Wow!

Tina Karagianni's picture

Just tell me when ;-)

MrsWhatsername72's picture

Sure man! It would be AWESOME AS FUCK a Green Day camping with you guys and idiots from all over the world *¬*

✘✘romanianIDIOT✘✘'s picture

with you? anytime! cool pic btw

Denise26's picture

Tease!  :)  

Fink2's picture

Uh huh! WHO WOULDN'T?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!???!!??!

JennaofSuburbia's picture

Who wouldn't wanna go camping with you Tre? I would!


MARY XMAS's picture

yes, clear, me also!

Keeila09's picture


hahaha clear (Claro que si!)
You read the comments left?
 Sorry for my bad english :$ Un beso enorme desde Argentina♥
1luv's picture

You betcha