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on March 03, 2013

Vote Green Day at World Music Awards: HERE


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English-Irish pop boy band one direction has upcoming concerts of one direction at pepsi center. Fans of one direction contact for tickets at pepsi center

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I voted. Best of luck to them they definitely deserve to win. It's amazing how many fans love them even if English isn't their first language. But Green Day definitely appeals to all countries with songs like American Idiot and albums called Uno! Dos! and Tres!

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Voted for them in every category! Go Green Day win this bastard!


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Voted them for best album, best group, and best live act, let there be GREEN DAY! x x x

noam's picture

their also in the best live category!!!!!!!!

✘✘romanianIDIOT✘✘'s picture

YAAAY!! the problem is fixed!! Now you can vote Green day for best goup!!

✘✘romanianIDIOT✘✘'s picture

we can`t let shit-bands like The wanted or one direction win!!! Green day is the best!! VOTE!!

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pls voteee peoplee...... cmon (n only green day)... X X

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Damn! They are in the same category as One Direction. I basically broke my computer trying ot vote for them over and over again in the Best Group category. Seriously, it just shut down mid rage and I was like... WTF?!?!?!? Anyway, I really tried, but I don't think it will even make a dent in the mass of voting sent in by any 8-10 girl with a mobile device at their hands.

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<p><strong> I'm voting and I told like 100 people on fb to vote!! Green Day please come to Dubai weeee love youuuuuuuuuuuu</strong></p>

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I had a problem voting for them on ie. Firefox doesn't have a problem, FYI. Viva la Green Day!!!!!

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I voted and I'm gonna keep voting, they need to win this thing!!! its are job to show the world that their back so dont stop voting!!!!

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No puedo votar por Green day en mejor grupo  No me deja ... es una injusticia :C

✗Nuclear Girl✗'s picture

No te preocupes,dentro de poco lo solucionarán. Saludos desde España :)

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I have already voted at school on my IT computer, and I haven´t had any problems. Does anyone know when this awards take place?

✘✘romanianIDIOT✘✘'s picture

I`ll send a message to them!! somebody has to fix that!

✘✘romanianIDIOT✘✘'s picture

omg! something is happening at best group section! It better get fixed fast! ANY other goup can be selected...FIX IT!! 

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Yep, the best group can't be chosen. Someone better fix it fast.

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You can also vote for best world Album, not only for best live act or best group , and yes, the best group couldn't be clicked! I don't know why!!

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I couldn't vote for Green Day as the best group, it isn't possible to select the band. :(

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why can't i choose green day?

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You can vote for Green Day for Best Live Act, but it won't let you vote for them for Best Group.

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Same here. I try selecting Green Day and it doesn't work. 

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I had the same problem!!!! :(

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umm.. I tried selecting green day, but it wasnt working.. every other group seemed to be selectable, only green day wouldnt work. :(