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on March 11, 2013

See the full documentary of ¡Cuatro! on Friday, March 15th at Paramount Theatre in Austin, TX, plus 'Broadway Idiot' - the story of the American Idiot musical – all in one day.


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Ahhhh, lovin the 3 new albums. When is the Oz tour? Seriously......I can't keep going to these shitty ass bands that cover your songs any longer. I'm dyin here!

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Hello from Slovakia :)

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when cuatro comming out >^< i need to know

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I'm so impatient to see it *___* <3

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Im just happy their finally coming near houston again =]

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Well I want to know when they are going to ship this to the people that preoreded ultimate bundle pack for uno,dos,tre because if they're just gonna show it all around town then what was the point? I love Green Day all ways will until the end, but I just want what I paid for. In happier news i going to see them on april 4 so that'll be awesome.

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I want this film in Spain, but anybody answer. Believe it or not, here in Spain there are a lot of Green Day fans waiting to see this movie. I'm sure that you aren't going to read this comment, but I still have the strength and I will insist, I assure you. I will do my best to make that spanish people can watch this movie.

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So is this a screening for the same ¡Quatro! that was on VH1? Why is it called a screening if it has already been seen?

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Will both be in theaters after the premier???