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Leave Us Your Feedback!


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    Leave Us Your Feedback!
    May 05, 2011

    In an effort to give users a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on Green Day merchandise and anything in between, we’ve created this Feedback tab. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.


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on May 05, 2011

In an effort to give users a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on Green Day merchandise and anything in between, we’ve created this Feedback tab. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.



JessieHartmanTv's picture

I don't know if anyone will read this but there is a lot of things that I would suggest.


1. Try to find somewhere to play near Valencia, CA. I NEED to see you guys!

2. If you can, we need a song that is JUST like Take Back. That song is unexpected from punk/rockers. :)

3. Two words. Cover songs! I suggest Maybe The Offspring or Creed.

4. Whatever you do, don't take all the bullsh*t from the haters. It just drives me insane just hearing, "Oh Green Day sucks" or "Green Day hates America" or even "Green Day is gay" or some stupid sh*t like that.

5. I wonder...what are your plans for a new album?

6. This is for the fans. Is it a good thing that I have most of their albums except for "Tre!" which is coming in the mail tomorrow?

7. Go to Deviant and search yourselves. YOU ARE EVERYWHERE.

and 8. Try to make another broadway musical, maybe with the Uno Dos Tre trilogy. I see a story in those albums. Lets see if we can work that out... :D


JakeBruen's picture

I don't know if Green Day gets this but if they do then I think I speak for everyone when I say that you should add Dirty Rotten Bastards to the setlists of your shows. Please consider this because I feel it would add to the amazingness of your show. Glad to see you guys are back on tour and better now!

vehcarrerette's picture

<p>Hi, Green Day! I must say that I am very happy to see you, Billie, back on stages! I got the chills when I first saw you singing again! I wanted you to know that I am a huge fan of your music and of the man you are. I understand what you've been passing through, I have to deal with something like that since I was born, so I don't jugde you...My biggest dream is to watch a Green Day live concert but I can't go to one in the USA or another country... My only chance is if you come to Brazil! I would be sooooooo happy you don't even imagine! I live in a very small town, but if you guys come to Brazil, I would travel to any city or state to watch you!<br>Pleeeeeease, Green Day, Brazil misses you so much!&nbsp;</p>

St. Jimmy Armstrong's picture

oy, I LOVE GREEN DAY 2 ! iWANNA fuck BILLIE joe ARMSTRONG! then again dosen't everybody wanna orgasm from bja, or am i just psycho?

St. Jimmy Armstrong's picture

HEY GREEN DAY FANS! What's your fav GD song and album? i know, hard question. But myne is "Good Riddance (Time of your life)" and AMERICAN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please reply

Blondie's picture

Actually I love all their albums, too but for me American Idiot is very important as Boulevard of Broken Dreams was the first song of Green Day I heard.

Other songs I really like are See The Light, 21st Century Breakdown,The Grouch,Christie Road, J.A.R, Waiting, Minority, ......

St. Jimmy Armstrong's picture

My first Green Day song I heard was Holiday

Blondie's picture

Cool XD Holiday is really an awesome song

✗Nuclear Girl✗'s picture

Oh jajajajaja it's a very difficult question. Well, I love all the Green Day CDs, but 21st century breakdown was the first album that I heard, so it's very important for me. About songs: Boulevard of broken dreams, american idiot, wake me up when september ends, jesus of suburbia... And Nuclear family, of course XD I'm nuclear girl... :)

Michele Sgambelluri's picture

My favorite album is Kerplunk and my favorite song is Christie Road!!!

bipinlovegreenday's picture

Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz green day come to nepal


bipinlovegreenday's picture

we want green day in NEPAL


EvaEsobar_16's picture

Come to Madrid pleasee! 

✗Nuclear Girl✗'s picture

Holaaaa!! Qué bien, ya conozco a otra persona española!! Besos :)

GLarsPetersen's picture

reading alot of these comments are funny, pretty much most of them. so needy and whiney. if you want something badly enough you will do what it takes to get it. you want to see green day? do what it takes to see them where ever you can. dont bitch about how they dont or havent gone to certain places. try doing what they do, its not all fun and games. and for those who are "mad" or "upset" and even "appalled" from Billies actions at iHeart in Vegas, you need t "shut your mouth cuz youre talking too much" and "let yourself go!" that was punk fucking rock attitude. music is such bullshit today. they were the only band there! again its not all fun and games, its stressful in certain places and at certain times.

Denise26's picture

Can your photographers please take more photos of Tre when the band is performing.  Always plenty of shots of Billie Joe in your photo galleries and Mike too but Tre (and Jason) seems to miss out.  The fans like to see all our favourite guys!

sasha_lily's picture

I am fucking appauled about what happened at iHeart, so glad to hear you guys are back up and running. You NEED to come to Australia, or I'll probably cry. 

TreCoolFinatic's picture

Green Day please, please, please come to South Africa! You have hundreds of fans here in South Africa that are all waiting to see you and I am one of them. You are my heros and my biggest inspiration. You made me the person I am today. I have to see my heroes live and in person, it would be a dream come true. So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE COME TO SOUTH AFRICA!!! PLEASE! Green Day is the best band in the world!

Rozelle de Waal's picture

Hi i just want to ask can green day please please please come to SOUTH AFRICA!!! we are still waiting. GREEN DAY is the best band ever and here in SOUTH AFRICA there are a lot of fans still waiting to see Green day live. It seems like south africa won't ever get a chance to see them live. SO PLEASE CAN SOMEONE MAKE A PLAN TO GET GREEN DAY TO SOUTH AFRICA TO COME AND PLAY LIVE??????????????

✗Nuclear Girl✗'s picture

Are you from Africa??!!! AWESOME!! :)

Rozelle de Waal's picture

yeah im from South Africa lol. i just wish green day would come and play live here. even bon jovi is coming here in june why can't green day come? so where are you from?

✗Nuclear Girl✗'s picture

XD I'm from Spain. Green Day is going to visit us only one time this year, but I can't go to the concert: my city is very far from Bilbao...  :(  Don't worry, when we are older, we can go where we want to see them, I assure you! Kisses from Spain :)

Michele Sgambelluri's picture

Dear Billie Joe, I'm very sorry for what happened to you the IHeart Radio Festival. You are a strong man who does not give up and never give up. I am very happy to see you back on stage with the other members of the band. I can not wait to know what will be the next album and singles who publish, but the important thing is that you have a big fan like me who is following you for almost 10 years. A true fan. Green Day: Do not give up ever!!! GREEN DAY ROCKS!!!

Michele Sgambelluri's picture

Hi everybody!!!

hannamahnkey's picture

dukart, tyler, dave, and i want to see u guys at a concert sometime!! at the Salem Armory! in Oregon!!! please please come here!!! i need u to be my first concert!!! dukart and tyler have met u before and i cry cause im jealous.....i love u billie joe!!! come to salem oregon at the armory!!! i need a kiss and hug and autograph!!!

hannamahnkey's picture

come to salem oregon!!!! me and my friends wanna meet u billie joe!!!!! i need a kiss, hug, and an autograph! come to the salem armory!!!

bonzo2341's picture

Hi i am 13 and actually OBSSESED with you guyz! my older bro says it unhealthy, and hes right, but i luv your music! im trying to go see your concert at the barclay center in brooklyn on april 7th or whatever, but they cost alot... plus i would end up getting kicked out if the past has and say in it


GavrielM's picture

Tour starts today!!!!!!

wynterhk's picture

PLEASE let us know IF and WHEN the LAS VEGAS MGM show will be either be RESCHEDULED or CANCELLED. MANY OF us are sitting with Tickets that are worthless because TM will not list it as cancelled, yet there are NO DATES PENDING for the rest of the 2013 tour!!!

SO FRUSTRATING...PLEASE HELP.....If you can't suss this out, no one can!

TalhaCan's picture

green day, dear. Please come to Turkey one day. Please Please PLEASE