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HAPPY EASTER everybody! #Moline#Easterbonnet#JesusChrist#rockettes#Greendaytour13

HAPPY EASTER everybody! #Moline#Easterbonnet#JesusChrist#rockettes#Greendaytour13
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via Personal Recipe 1765125:

Posted by treleparc


AshleyMarver's picture

you made me and my best friend Alyssas year when you rode past on your bike in Moline and said hello:) it was a great start of the concert :) btw you loooked badass on your bike :)

Alokita's picture

wooooo... bwahahahahah... bleh.. :skull

IWannaBeTheTerminator's picture

My first thought was 'Oh my God, this is my neighbour! What a hell is she doing in a Green Day concert?!'... but I callmed down, when I realised that he's just Tré :P Billie is hiding behind the drums, too... xDD

Drama Queen's picture

oh, you've got fabulous lags! they're better than mine, I think:D

happy Easter!

Blondie's picture

Happy Easter Tré! This outfit is just amazing!

sabryGD17's picture

AHAHAHAH happy easter my jesus :')

mlewis's picture

Happy Easter Honey!

gatafresusa's picture

your legs are SO SEXY!  XD    like your brassiere..

Denise26's picture

Everyone knows drummers can only count to four but who knew they were so flexible..? Happy Easter, Tre xox

yazmingreenday's picture

This was at this!! OMG I love you guys! <3