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Photo from bj_unoxx

Photo from bj_unoxx
Photo from bj_unoxx
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via Personal Recipe 1716945:

Posted by BillieJoeArmstrong
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Gio gd85's picture

just...great!!! I'm waiting for you this Friday in MIlan!!!!!

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Keeila09's picture

I love, love are much♥

Sofia's picture

You're fucking awesome!!

MrsWhatsername72's picture

Kids, what are you doing out of school?

1_luv's picture

Mike's saying "interesting shirt billie" ;)

Drum_Vivi_GD's picture

Best singer, best bass.

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BasketCaseN1's picture

Hahahaha you look great guys!!! Just can't wait to see you here in italy next week, i'm soo fucking excited! and the next day i'll be in trieste and all this alone!!! so now you can see how much i love you guys, i think i could go on the moon for you!!! love you soooo much <3 <3 <3

gatafresusa's picture

right, Where's Trè? .. Nice pic guys :)

✗Nuclear Girl✗'s picture

The best couple in the world, but... where is Tré?

MARY XMAS's picture

I want to be your pet!

suburbia's picture

Hey Billie Joe and Mike!   Love you guys!  Got the Billie Joe hair cut and the Pink Bunny tattoo.  Love it!  Life is good. ;-)