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#godblessgermany @greendayig

#godblessgermany @greendayig
#godblessgermany @greendayig
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via Personal Recipe 1716945:

Posted by BillieJoeArmstrong
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Jessica Pradhan's picture

Like I said before, you jump soooo HIGH!!!!! I bet in sometime if u keep juming like this u could jump to Mars and give concerts there too!!!!!!!!!! hahahahaha, AWESOME BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG!!! UR AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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st.JIM's picture

jump,Billie jump  to Belgium next month,what a fucking many peoplecan ,see you the last people Billie,with such a jump ;);)

MARY XMAS's picture

I missed GD!

Nataschi's picture

I miss GD!

✗Nuclear Girl✗'s picture

I hope you have an awesome show!! I can't imagine how can you spend three months more or less giving concerts every day!! IT MUST BE TIRING! But you do it, and each concert is better than the last. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! THANK YOU!

Gio gd85's picture

Amazing Billie!!! :-* You can do everything!

Alokita's picture

hee cannn fly..... ;pppppppp

Keeila09's picture

Nice photo Billie :D

kersi's picture

I hope the bring your show on rock am ring on TV!!!!