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Me and Adrienne Snoopified in Portugal!!

Me and Adrienne Snoopified in Portugal!!
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via Personal Recipe 1716945:


via Personal Recipe 1716945:

Posted by bj_unoxx
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Me and Adrienne Snoopified in Portugal!!, on Instagram
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xxpunkgirlxx's picture suits you^^

✗Nuclear Girl✗'s picture

XDDDD You have made me laugh!! I have a very big depression since your concert in Bilbao, and I think that all the Spanish Idiots who couldn't see you last Saturday feel the same as me. Thank you, Billie!!

A Huge Fan Of Green Day's picture

Ahahaha! Billie as always in his repertoire! :D

xjojoisherex's picture

I remember seeing Adrienne on Wednesday in Nimes, backstage with Jakob (probably). I freaked out and waved like crazy XD

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GreenPolina's picture

 As always beautiful =) 

Jessica Pradhan's picture

haha, u both are cool guys now. Its AWESOME!

kersi's picture

It really pisses me of that cuatro came out with no subtiles and you only can buy it with Tre!!! That´s not cool from you guys!!! I dont wanna believe the fact that you only wanna make money with your Fans!!! really really sad....

✗Nuclear Girl✗'s picture

REALLY?? ONLY WITH TRÉ?? This is fucking shit!! (Thanks, Kersi, I didn't know it)

gatafresusa's picture

hilarious but a little bit strange! :D

Gio gd85's picture's fun! Billie & Adrienne soooo cool!!!! You're very handsome in the role of rapper! :-D

RhiannonYknow's picture

Hahaahaha :'D