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Leave Us Your Feedback!


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    Leave Us Your Feedback!
    May 05, 2011

    In an effort to give users a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on Green Day merchandise and anything in between, we’ve created this Feedback tab. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.


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on May 05, 2011

In an effort to give users a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on Green Day merchandise and anything in between, we’ve created this Feedback tab. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.



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So, a new has leaked out. It says that there'll be an American Idiot movie and Billie Joe will be the St. Jimmy. Is that true??? 

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Hi, I'd like to convey my thanks. My 15 year old son has Aspergers' Syndrome and until last year never left his bedroom. He has now discovered Green Day and is a different young man. He has friends, a social life, and has began guitar lessons ! This year we will be attending Leeds Festival, driving from Scotland, especially for Green Day !! This is unheard of for a kid with a social communication disorder, to attend a heaving festival of people, so I want to say thanks, and although (admittedly) I've never joined a fansite before and am (probably) a tad old to be here, I know this summer will be one he will remember for the rest of his life !! Thank You !!'s picture

la mejor banda punk rock es GREEN DAY 

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SI !!!!!! ♥

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Could there be something for the non Idiot Nation members? Like anything. A chance for the others too? PLEASE?!??!?!!?

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You´re absolutly right. For me the worst thing is that we can´t even watch the videos from the Q&A´s or view the latest pics from the tour...

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I agree with you. I hate it, and we can't ask them questions, which is the worst thing for me!! :(  WE HAVE TO REBEL AGAINST THIS!! IT'S UNFAIR!!

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Yep, idiot Nation has everything. By everything I mean the cool things of Green day, which is almost everything and everything of Green Day is cool. Well I don't even feel that bad anymore, cause its like merchandise and its not like that would change their music. The question and answer thing was sad, but its okay for me now. But the SMALLEST thing would be nice, so that all of us can feel know how it feels???? A chance for the people who can't join it for stupid reasons?!

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Ummm... I think you are having a very relaxing holidays. More than a week since you upload your last photo and your last news!!

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Uh, in ur song Angel Blue, is it for a girl or a boy? Like the hearts gonna break part  sounds like it is for a boy, then the pretty faces and the holiday lights part sounds like its for a girl...... I cant find the answer on the internet either.....Or is the song just for a big, normal teenager???? Its a stupid question but i am REALLY confeused. 

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O_O TRUE!! I think it's strange, they say ''you want a sinorita'', it's similar to ''señorita'', which is a Spanish word which means ''young woman'' (so it would be a boy). Then they say ''you are a fucking princess'' (so it would be a girl). I think it's only for cheat us!! ;) (I love to speak with you Jessica, you are one of the few people who talk to me on this website, and I love it!!)

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Exactly, it's very difficult to understand....sometimes a boy sometimes a girl!!! Well whatever it is, it's a cool song! Yeah, ur awesome too. :D. ANGEL BLUE. GIRL OR BOY?!

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Billie is bisexual so.. maybe the two, who knows

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wowowow  vrry nice

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Please follow me back on Twitter and add me as a friend on Facebook.

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I LITERALLY LOVE YOUR BAND!!!!!!! I live in Tipton,Indiana In the United States. Can you ever please come to Central Indiana for a concert? I would be so happy and I would appreciate it ALOT.

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Thank you for all you have done for me!!!!

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Hey Green Day plz come in Athens plz we are waiting for u just 1 time

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Hi Billie come İstanbul we love u plzz

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I would love if you arrived at your next concert in Prague. Last time you're were in Prague in 2010 and the concert was amazing (as always). This website is just great. Thank you :)

 (Sorry for my English.)

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I would love to know when your next concert in mississippi is going to be, and i just want u to know billie that i think that it is so cool how u always pick a fan to come on stage with yall and sing and play ur guitars. Its just so cool cause ur the only one i know of that does that. It shows that ur a down to earth person who hasnt forgotten who he is.  XOXO


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Hi, I'm Amaia.

I wanted to thank you, for being such amazing musicians, for just existing. I never thought I would really see you on stage, yet I did ! I was there, on Saturday. It was amazing, a dream, so fuckin awesome !

You know, I really love you guys, hope one day we'll meet. I want to kiss all of you, and hug you ! Whenever I feel bad and I'm depressed, it's your music that saves me and gives back my smile. No, really, I owe you my life. I seriously thought about suicide back then, and many times, but you always saved me.

Since october my dad fell very sick, he has a esophageal cancer, just like yours, Billie.. He is dying, I see how he's giving up on life.. He's always like, complaining about physical pain but in the end he is locking himself up and doesn't share anything with us anymore, nor his wishes, nor his fears, nothing.. What hurts the most is knowing that I'm not able to do anything, I try to cheer him up, to make him talk, but it doesn't work.. So I just sit next to him and stay. I try to hug him as often as I can, to comfort him but he doesn't really react, and most of the time he just tells me he is not in the mood, and he just goes back to watching TV, and I can see his dull look..

Thus, that night, at your show.. I threw it all away and just jumped, shouted and thought of nothing anymore. I let your rock fill my soul.

Because life is a real pain, and I have too many burdens, I'm not a kid anuymore since I was 12, when my father let my mom dive into alcoholism and I was the one taking care of her.

That's why, I love you, thank you. Forever love ♥

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Sorry, your life is very difficult. Cancer is a fucking sickness: lots of people in my family has died with cancer, one of them was my grandfather. I don't know where are you from, but for me is very important that you have found the happiness here in Spain. Rage and love from Spain. Stay strong :)

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Thanks very much <3 I'm both Spanish & French, bilingual.

Yeah, it's a bitch, a close friend of ours died because of it three years ago..

My grandfather survived one, so soon I'll have to start medical check ups just in case, because it's genetic, my mom already does..

Well, shit :) Thanks for the sympathy, kisses, rage & love from France ;)

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I just want to say... THANK YOU for the best night  (12th July @OPTIMUS ALIVE 2013) Hugs & kisses from PORTUGAL <3