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Summer's almost gone

Summer's almost gone
Summer's almost gone
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via Personal Recipe 1716945:

Posted by BillieJoeArmstrong
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Miss_CuteZombie's picture

dont worry,Billie. There will be more summers :))

tatis's picture

hello how are you in cute billie. i send you many greet and to make and tree

LittleGirl1's picture

Dude, I love the picture:)

IveteNogueira's picture

Hello, I love your music, for me is relaxing and you came to Portugal and I unfortunately you can not see): from Porto to Lisbon is a good distance, but I heard through the radio (: well maybe a few years back another time and I think this time I will not miss this concert, there will continue to do the excellent work they have always done.:

shesarebel99's picture

you look so depressed :(

Fifth Element's picture

Good pic! Lost your razor? too much stubble

Whatsername999's picture

yes,I always say the same: Sleep when the school starts!

TheSaintJimmy920's picture

Awe, His hair is so Fluffy ^^ I CANT STOP STARING AT HIM XD

xxpunkgirlxx's picture

yes, me too^^ He's so cute!!!

✗Nuclear Girl✗'s picture

Summer never ends with you, Billie..

A Huge Fan Of Green Day's picture

Black photo? Beautiful pic, Billie, I LOVE YOU! 

christina-skopelos's picture

He's wearing a The Clash T-shirt... Love you BJ!! <3 <3

Gio gd85's picture

:-*'re Angel blue....With pretty faces.....

Jessica Pradhan's picture

Yep? ....... Is it all gloomy now? Serious face man.......

eshawman's picture

Yep :/

rmiandol's picture