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Leave Us Your Feedback!


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    Leave Us Your Feedback!
    May 05, 2011

    In an effort to give users a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on Green Day merchandise and anything in between, we’ve created this Feedback tab. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.


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on May 05, 2011

In an effort to give users a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on Green Day merchandise and anything in between, we’ve created this Feedback tab. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.



Miss_CuteZombie's picture

i have a doubt. here on the website it says that your documentary is coming soon and that stuff. Is that true? Cant you buy CUATRO! yet? It's kind of weird,because I bought it here in Spain the day before BBK LIVE FESTIVAL,I think it was the 12th July. If somebody knows the reason why or if when you talk about documentary you dont mean CUATRO!,please tell me :)

Miss_CuteZombie's picture

and well,now that I'm writing,I wanna say something more. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE,repeat that contest about making our version of a videoclip with your music,but let under eighteen people take part in it.I know many friends (and well,including me) that were really upset because they couldnt participate because they were sixteen or even seventeen. We had tons of great ideas,and it was the first time we saw an interesting contest that wasnt just for Idiot Nation's members so we were happy until we saw that it wasnt for under eighteen people. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE again!!

Miss_CuteZombie's picture

Aw,American Idiot's Brodway show should come to Madrid (Spain).Here we have several theatre shows

that are nice,but The Lion Kings has been here for so long,hahaha.We need more rock here!!

Eve_unoxx's picture

I love you guys!. Every day I hear his music.

My dream is to go to a concert of you, I'm from Argentina.

BJ you are really beautiful, Adrienne is a lucky woman.

Mike your family is precious.

Tre, no doubt you are the best drummer in the world.

Thank you for existing, make me happy.


UKIDIOT's picture

I love Green Day sooo much! So when are they coming to England? I really wanna go to a concert, it would be amazing. Are they going in 2014? Also when is the uno, dos, tre shirt gonna be in stock? :P

Trixie's picture

have you guys EVER played in hawaii. if not will you guys ever have a concert here. 

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whatsername191's picture

It would ould be really awesome and appreciated if you can set up a link on this website where we can send letters to the band. It wouldn't be hard to set up and email (: I know that me, and other fans would love to thank Green Day. A way to do that would be amazing, thanks (:

Miss_CuteZombie's picture

that would be the best thing EVER in this website,nice idea. I've written to tons of bands and rockstars in my life thanks to emails provided by their websites,and I can't understand why doesn't Green Day have a way to let the fans write letters for them

Evelyn Guerrero's picture

Ayer soñe con Billie Joe. Él me llevaba de paseo en un autobús por mi tierra. Me cantabas Lazy Bones... Espero ansiosamente el regreso de mi banda favorita a VENEZUELA. I LOVE U GD

ehigley's picture

i promised my girlfriend i would take her to a GD concert when are you coming back to buffalo

Jessica Pradhan's picture

This documentry movie/film that is coming, it said that is even available on Playstation, so is that only for the people in Canada and America, or everywhere?

kaya2207's picture

I finally signed up on your site.  Saw American Idiot on stage in Phila and your concert at the Liacouras center.  Both were fabulous!!  Your concert was unbelievable - great voices, music, plus so much fun to watch. When are you coming back to Phila? 

greendayman101's picture

you are amazing and evryone knows that

✗ İdiot of Green Day ✗'s picture

I don't know are you reading this things but I have to say PLEASE COME TO TURKEY we are need you.  And it's ridiculous I know but, if we are living in a Sims game, my lifetime wish is probably will be going to a Green Day concert. So please come here, we really love u so much and I'm sorry about my English. Were never good enough...

Amaia's picture

You're so sweet :'3 lifetime wish~ that's so much cuuute =w=

✗ İdiot of Green Day ✗'s picture

Oh wow, ehm thanks :)

✗ İdiot of Green Day ✗'s picture


green_life's picture

Please come to Turkey! Green Day is my life! :))

Nathanaëlle's picture

When you come back in france ? 

Amaia's picture

Oh, yeah ! Bytheway ! If you come back to France during a new tour, please try to come in the South-West of France ! (like to Pau, to Biarritz, to Bordeaux, to Bayonne, or to Toulouse..) please :$

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JasmineChristianChristian's picture

no one has broken up

hannamahnkey's picture

Will Green Day be in the American Idiot Broadway show in portland in November on the 12th to the 17?? i really want to go to see Billie Joe.

i138's picture

I'm sorry but can you, please, explain me what's going on fandom?

Did Gren Day broke up?


✗Nuclear Girl✗'s picture

Really? Where did you read it??? :'(

Allison L. L.'s picture

I'm just sayin' next Green Day tour of the U.S., I'm definetly gonna try super hard to see a Green Day concert.  I can't tell you how hard I tried to go to Fairfax this year!!  It was the closest to me since I'm in VA but wish me better luck next time I get a chance!

Miss_CuteZombie's picture

Hi there again!! Since you made the videoclip contest,all my high school mates (including me) have been recording videos with your music. You see,we were really upset the moment we found we couldnt take part because we were under 18. So please please please,made another videoclip contest for both adults and
under eighteen people. Im sure lots of fans agree with me....

Allison L. L.'s picture

Finally got an account.  Just wanted to say that Green Day has been my favorite band since I was a kid and they are absolutely amazing!!!

Miss_CuteZombie's picture

Hi there! sorry I havent writen bfore :( Ur concert at BBK Live was simply crazy and GREAT!! It was my first attending to a GD concert and I didnt regret about the four-hours-trip by car and the eight-hours-waiting at the line. Thanks for the best night of my Summer holiday :))