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on September 23, 2013

Not on Instagram yet? Well what are you waiting for! Add Billie Joe (BJ_UNOXX), Mike (MIKE_DOSXX), Tre (TRELEPARC), Jason White (JW_Cuatroxx), and Jeff Matika (JeffMatika) now!

Follow the Official Green Day Instagram (GreenDayIG).


rockgirl's picture

Great photo :D

crazyred27's picture

Awesome night!

rockgirl's picture

Cool  photo! :D

cyndi0372's picture

I just love this baseball photo. I hope you are enjoying time with your family and friends and we will be here for you when you return to touring!!!  Cheers from Canada! 

cyndi0372's picture

It's so cool to see you guys on holiday.  Keeping the people of California in my prayers as they battle the fires...

Jessica Pradhan's picture

Instagram! :D

SheilaF's picture

Instagram :) I will follow
the best band of all
Sheila from Brazil

I'm Idiot♪♥'s picture

I Love Them Too...If I Could Know The Baterist....Wou I'll Violate Him!!!  

Butterz's picture

GREEN DAY THE BEST BAND OF ALL TIME!!!! You guys have to come back to Austin i missed you the last two times you were here. and you guys need to make another live album and tell me were its at

keep rocking

fender18's picture

Does anyone know the name of Green Day's photographer who was onsage with them? I sang longview at the Philly show and Im desperate to contact him to see the pictures he took of me on stage!!! Thanks

cyndi0372's picture

I believe his name is Bob Gruen.  Good luck and be sure to post the pics if you can.  Green with envy, what an amazing experience for you.   Rage and love from Canada! 

Denise26's picture

The earlier comments from Jan were actually in response to a different picture which has now been changed to the one above of Jason :)

1luv's picture

Yeah - but did Billie borrow your shirt or did you borrow Billie's :)

jslam96's picture

Wow..... How can these be Green Day fans hahaha. THIS IS JASON WHITE - NOT BILLIE JOE!!!!!!!!!

Croteez's picture

It's Jeff Matika Mr.Fan.

heartbreaker93's picture

ALSO OMG ive ben reading the comments thats not billie joe its jason!! they look completely different!


Croteez's picture

I've.* Been* That's.* It's*. WRONG! IT'S JEFF MATIKA!

heartbreaker93's picture

Hey i cud take a picture like that if u came to ireland.... (PLEASE! XX)

✘✘romanianIDIOT✘✘'s picture

gotta add jason! btw: so happy he`s in band!!

crazyiam123's picture

Please can anyone tell me if green day will be coming to India anytime? I mean im being so desperate :O They've gone everywhere but not India. :O Greendayyy<3 I love you<3

barbmallon's picture

Seriously?  I'm 48 and have seen many concerts... this was BY FAR the very best concert I have ever attended.  I am freakin' blown away.  Not that I doubted it, just was over the top fun.  THANK YOU!  My punky rocker son and I had a great time!!!  Love you guys!

Noah Matthews's picture

Im Coming in from michigan can't wait been a fan for 20 years! this is my eleventh time seeing u guys! Hopefully this time i can get an autograph! Any good way to meet the band???

Lola98's picture

You've got a good guitar, I like the little Skull ;) <3

greenday91897's picture

now i can buy this guitar ive been waiting to see if billie would repair it and now im goin to get it

k&#039;surnumber1fan's picture

Nice guitar Billie! 

Dany's picture

billie no offense but ... had to be that guitar that broke! I could give to me and asked me to "holy" and I brought it: (...

✗Nuclear Girl✗'s picture

Very beatiful guitar!! :)

Thais.Arantes's picture

I hope this picture is the symbol of the rebirth of Billie Joe!

PunkRockHappy's picture

I just love the symbolism in this picture. Both Billie Joe and his guitar are healing <3
Hope to see them both back in original shape and back in business real soon!
Rage and Love, as always!

LittleGirlMaria's picture

Does someone know, how to sing in to this Instargram? Please help :**