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on January 10, 2013

Listen for "X-Kid" to hit the radio January 22nd!


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Your knowledge of this subject comes through clearly in this article. I love to read this kind of articles, I hope you will update it. Thank you for sharing it with me.


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I have found this article very exciting. Do you have any others on this topic? I am also sending it to my friend to enjoy your writing style. Thanks




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can't wait until tomorrow

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I love X-Kid :))))

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Bwahaha! I can finally say that Green Day has officially released something on my birthday! :D

The video rocks by the way! Those who don't "get it" need to brush up on their 'Mats

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Wowww great! only i never listen to radio cos' they never pass musica i like, so i have my cd's and my ipod heheheh! i've already made x-kid music video by the way!!! super green day crazy fan!!! xDD

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I love this song

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sweeet! The DJ at the modern rock station is gonna hate me! :P  

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What station?

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Great song..! But..It's real video? I agree.. :)

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but certainly not in Russia c:

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yes, Green day songs on the radio that´s what I was waiting for... EXITOS

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This is such a great song for Radio!!! Love it...

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make another video for x-kid please! [sorry for my english]

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I belive it isn't the real video...

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Whether it will the real video to "X-Kid"? [sorry for my english]